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Abnormal Period Bleeding (Sorry if This Gets to Disgusting)

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Hi Everyone,

Over a year ago, I started to realize that I had not been having normal periods. It had been about three to four months that I had not experienced any vaginal bleeding. However, around the fifth month I realized that I had continuous bleeding the whole month. This lasted about six or seven months with continuous bleeding. The bleeding wasn't heavy but more like heavier spotting. (I would use about 6 tampons a day). After a while the bleeding stopped for five months and then proceeded for an additional 8 months.

Currently I have been bleeding non stop for about 9 months. I've recently starting taking Mononessa birth control pills to help regulate my menstrual cycle(I'm on day 25 of the first month pack). Originally, the pill seemed to be working. I noticed my bleeding had gotten lighter. All of a sudden, however, the bleeding seemed to get a lot heavier to where I'm changing tampons every 30 minutes to an hour because they are soaked(I usually have to sleep with a pad on at night to prevent leakage). This started a few days ago. I've noticed now that much of the blood is clotted. I have experienced this clotted bleeding once before a year ago but it has never lasted more than two days.

I'm concerned that the pills are not working and I'm losing too much blood. I do not smoke or drink. I have had sexual intercourse once and have not since I've noticed my irregular period. Now i'm wondering is it normal to have these blood clots while taking this birth control? Is this just my body getting back on track? Could my irregular bleeding have started because of sex? I really need some advice.

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I would contact you gp and get help ASAP. To be hemmorhaging that much in such a short amount of time seems like there maybe something more going on behind the scenes. I've had to stop wearing tamping due to the pressure it would cause me... are you using pads at all? I hope that you get it all sorted! Good luck and keep me posted.

I feel the same. But I do wear pads along with tampons because my flow is so heavy. Should I stop wearing tampons and just stuck to pads?

See I always thought the type of blood in my periods was normal but found out last week it's not. I've always had huge clumps and very heavy periods.

Defo see your GP - even if they try you on another pill, if it stops the bleeding it'll change your life!

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JackieBo in reply to Caitlanfin

It's funny how the Universe brings things to our attention and then we keep seeing it everywhere - I too also always thought my menstrual blood was normal. It's been heavy and full of clots since I started having periods when I was a preteen. Then a few days ago, I stumbled across something that said clumps aren't normal. Our bodies are supposed to release anticoagulants that break that up, but if we bleed too heavy, the blood isn't sufficiently broken up when it comes out.

Why don't they teach girls this?? I'm in my 30's and I didn't know this.

Izionneee, I agree with the other ladies, that kind of nonstop bleeding can't be easy on your body. Keep going back to your GP and demand they do something to help you. Make a scene if necessary, but make sure they hear you. You deserve the help you need.

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izionneee in reply to JackieBo

Thank you! I definitely will because I need answers.

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izionneee in reply to Caitlanfin

Thank you so much! Will definitely go.

I agree with the others, you need to see a doctor asap. Losing that much blood is worrying. I would have thought you must be anaemic a part from anything else.

When I was bleeding heavily I found the moon cup a god send. It has much more capacity than any tampon or towel. Might be worth looking into.

Take care.

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izionneee in reply to Fabbird

That was my first guess as well because it runs in my family but test confirmed that I’m not anemic. I honestly just want answers. And I will definitely look into the moon cup. Thanks for the advice.

Hi yah no it's not the tablets hunn... I have had endometriosis for a very long time now... go to your doctors and explain your sitcoms he or she will point u in the rt direct

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izionneee in reply to lmoony

Absolutely! Thanks for the advice

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