Bleeding/spotting 24/7

Hi there I've never posted on these kind of sites before, so don't really now where to start.

I am 25 and was diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago. I have been taking lamotrigine medication ever since.

I had the implant put in last January and started bleeding and spotting regularly. The gp recommended I tried the mini pill along with the implant. (Absolutely no change) after a year of this I had the implant removed but continued with the mini pill (cerelle)

Months later and the spotting continues, a couple of weeks ago I began bleeding heavy, heavier than I've ever bled (other than after childbirth) with clots.

It has calmed down again now and back to spotting.

I'm out of ideas. I can not have a smear (because of the constant bleeding) and my gp doesn't really help or reassure me. .....

I don't no what to do next, I can not handle bleeding for the following years.....

Any advice or help anyone.....

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Could this be a sign of endometriosis?

Hi there I have endometriosis. And I'm just the same as you sptting/ bleeding 24/7. I have the coil

Are there any other symptoms??

Lower back pain. Pain in the right side. Sometimes diarrhoea. Feeling/ being sick.

The lower back pain & diarrhoea as well as nausea are very familiar symptoms for me. I have Adenomyosis, diagnosed since 2005, via biopsy after myomectomy to remove focal growth 5cm. I usually have mor sever IBS symptoms around menstruation and lesser symptoms at ovulation. I found the most info on the link between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Endometriosis/Adenomyosis at seminars on the conditions held by Trinidad and Tobago IVF Clinic (the most established IVF clinic in Trinidad & Tobago) & An Endometriosis Awareness Group. You have to journal a bit to figure out what foods may affect your symptoms & start eliminating, also look up a low FODMAP diet. This was recommended by the doctors in the seminar & the Gastroenterologist. But please see some specialist doctors and get a clear diagnosis.

Yeah the doctor thinks I have a bit off IBS going on 2. And the trapped wind and acid

Hi, I have endo all over my bowel and uterus and ovary. The doctor wasnt very good and said that endo does not always cause bleeding and to basically get over myself with bleeding every day. I protested and said that I cant keep spending the rest of my life wearing sanitary towels every day, and i cant even have a normal life because of the bleeding.... so its back to the gp to a referral to another hospital. Ive been bleeding and spotting since april, when 2 polyps were removed, the bleeding never stopped only to be told in Aug that 'oh no we never removed the polyps properly'!! so another operation to remove the polyps again and im still bleeding!!!


I am so sorry to read of your experience. That doctor was horrid! How are you supposed to feel when you are bleeding everyday. So Endo does not always cause bleeding, so what does?? Do he/she tell you about hormonal imbalance? These so-called professionals can be very cruel & unprofessional!!! I can't even with the hospital telling you they never properly removed the polyps!! I hope you find some good doctors & have the proper treatment. I have Adenomyosis & had inter-cycle bleeding, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments helped to regularise my cycle. The treatment consists of acupuncture, herbal treatments, cupping & heat therapy. TCM helped me to take less painkillers, no hormonal meds at all, no migraine meds, regularise cycle, less bleeding (still heavy compared to regular person, but much less for me), less pains all over pelvis, reduce migraines, no pain & bleeding after sex, less bloating, helps with IBS symptoms, less clots, smaller clots. Now it does not cure the disease, but helps to manage symptoms, I am still having open sub-total next month, after 11 years since diagnosis. Good luck!

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