Uti and bleeding?

Well after the worst 1st gyne appointment ever I am now in agony with what I can only think is my 2nd uti in 4 weeks, but this time I am bleeding, I never ever before have broke through my pill, altho its not like period blood its like a dark red slime, like at the end or a few days after your period when your body is flushing out. It started last night and has got heavier. The pain in my back is awful, probably my kidneys and im finding it so hard to even sit or stand, the only relief I have had was having a warm bath, but with having a dissertation to write I need to be up and doing that :/ I have taken my naproxen but that has had little effect. I will be making a doctors appointment first thing tomorrow, but until then is the bleeding normal and how can I reduce the pain? xxx

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  • Hey Hun, I been getting the same problems I went the doctors 2weeks ago with bleeding and back ache and she ran all the usual test and they all came back fine. So she's referred me back to the hospital as urgent so I'm going there tomoz. She told me The dark red slime is oxidised blood and it's connected to the endo apparently and the back pain could be because the endo is on the back of the bowel and it's causing pain. To relieve the pain try a hot water bottle on your back, I don't know what ur tablets are but if you can take anti inflamities on them I would or failing that ring the nhs direct they might be able to you wat else you can take x

  • Thanks hun

    Hope things go ok at hospital.

    Im going to make a docs appointment now. Still in pain and bleeding. Ive been taking Naproxen but it hasnt done anything to help the pain. xxx

  • Thanks Hun I hope the doctors goes well for u too I think I'll be just getting booked in for the 3rd op :( as there's not much else they can do now. X

  • I havent been diagnosed with endo yet so hopefully altho this is painful it might help to get some answers!! xx

  • Aw I've been diagnosed for 10yrs now I was 17, I've tried all kinds of stuff for pain and to control it hopefully today they'll either refer u the hospital or give u better pain relief

  • Well all the doctor done was give me a five day course of antibiotics and some fibregel sachets :/ in so much pain :( xxx

  • If it gets too bad Hun go the hospital. I am going in after Christmas for 3rd op so hopefully this time will work :s

  • Fingers crossed for you!


  • Thanks Hun hope you get sorted your self xx

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