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Hi ladies, I recently googled my brown bleeding/discharge and got scared with what I found as that's what Google tends to do, scare me. Anyway I had a pelvic ultrasound about 3 weeks ago (not got my results yet as been away but had no call from the doctors regarding it) anyway a week before my ultrasound I bled like a proper period bleed even though I still had a week left on my pill packet, carried on taking my pill daily then stopped to have my actual 'period' but stopped bleeding.. 7 days later started the pill again and all was normal (had a pain in my right side for a year starts on day 1 of my period and lasts 3 weeks of the month.. feels like my right ovary to me and the pain is like a tugging pain when I transition from sitting to laying) HOWEVER, been on the pill about 7 weeks not having a break and my pain is down to virtually nothing I hardly notice it at all, although I am having brown bleeding/discharge just enough to need a panty liner. I've had this about 2 weeks on and off but about a week it's been constant. Ive been on the pill 10/11 months so don't think it's hormones due to the pill. Any ideas? Cyst.. Endometriosis? Anything worse? I've tried to brief this post as I tend to ramble so hope it makes some sort of sense! Any advice or similar experience will be greatly appreciated! Can a cycst slowly rupture maybe? Or bleed and take a while to fully extract as the bloods brown and I've read that means it's old blood.. Someone help please!

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  • Hi Terina,

    I am in a similar situation to you although I am not on any hormones or contraceptives. I have been having a light brown bleed every day for a year. I do have cysts on both of my ovaries and diagnosed endometriosis. I bleed very heavily and flood with big clots for 5 days during my period then this changes to the light brown bleeding, more of a heavy discharge for the rest of month. I also get a pain around right ovary and hip.

    My consultant says it's not the endometriosis causing this bleeding so even if or when they remove that I would still bleed. They have suggested uterus ablation or uterus removal which I think I am leaning towards. Having looked in my uterus they can't see an obvious reason for the bleeding but said all the capillaries in there look sore and angry. This is a very common problem, it is old blood which is old taking its time to leave your body.

    I do have a lot of pain, infertility and flooding during period but it is actually the daily bleeding that is bothering me the most and the thing I most want treated, it just makes me feel gross. I also have an ovary completely covered in endo and scar tissue which the surgeon struggled to see during lap as it was such a mess. I did ask them how they know I haven't got ovarian cancer if the couldn't see properly but they assured me they had taken biopsies and nothing pointed towards cancer.

    Please try not to worry, when do you get results from pelvic ultrasound? I got mine on the same day. Can you call GP to ask if they have heard anything. I think if anyone treating you suspected anything horrible you would be rushed through the system.

    I know it's annoying to have to push for things when you don't feel great but sometimes you just have to hassle people to get answers.

    Sorry I can't help much but thought I would let you know you are not alone.


  • You've helped a lot Bettyheslop! Naturally puts your mind at rest a little bit when someone can relate to your personal situation and it not be too bad. I had an emergency cede team 2 years ago so I'm convinced I have scar tissue and adhesions too hence the pulling pain (that's what I think anyway).. The brown blood is so irritating and just an inconvenience, I've just turned 23 and have a boyfriend so it's awkward. I assume my results are back, I should've rang really and asked but haven't got round to it yet I was told they'd take 7-10 for the results to be sent to my gp, no phone call or anything though so not overalls worried but still needs sorting. I don't know how you've put up with it for a year I'd be pulling my hair out! I don't have really heavy periods anymore which I think is down to the pill but they used to be horrendous and so so painful. I'm thinking about coming off the pill for a month after this current pill packet and see if the bleeding and brown stuff regulates again but then I'd have to go back on the pill the month after to ease the pain I get and I'll be messing with my body, eurgh I can't win!

  • I know what you mean, it definitely helps to hear of people with the same problem. I think it's so common the Dr's are blasé about it, I could just leave it if I wanted to but I said no thanks! I can't stand having it everyday. I couldn't say the reason for your pain, I am 36 and newly diagnosed with endo, although I suspect I have had it for over 20 years. I also had an emergency cesarean but that was 14 years ago now. I suppose it has been slightly easier to put up with as I am older and been with my husband for 20 years. I think if I was a lot younger or in a new relationship I would be horrified! Now I just whinge to my husband about all of my gross symptoms which I probably wouldn't have done in my early 20s.

    Phone up, get your results, you will probably feel much happier. Then see you GP and make sure they sort it out. Have you tried mirena IUD? I had it a few years ago and it stopped all periods and bleeding but the consultant says it won't work for me anymore. Plus I was trying for a baby which as you can imagine wasn't always pretty with my problems!


  • I'm going to ring the doctors and make an appointment for Monday morning to talk about my bleeding too, see what she says! No I've not tried the Mirena IUD but again if there's no end to the bleeding and the ultrasound comes back with no reason either then I'll definitely speak with my gp about it because it's getting me down, first thing on my mind when I go for a morning wee is 'is it normal or bloody today!?' The suspense is horrible!

    Thank you anyway for replying it means a lot! Xxx

  • Let me know how you get on. Make sure you tell GP just how much it is bothering you, don't let them brush you off.

    Take care of yourself and try not to worry xx

  • Hi Terina, I have a 11cm endometrioma on my left ovary which for the last year I have had a brown chocolate like discharge pretty much every day until the last few weeks. The doctors all think it could be that it is leaking . Makes me worry more when it doesn't as that means it's probably growing more. I normally get a lot of pain in that ovary just before a bleed.

  • Hi Jean thank you, I've not really read up on an endometreoma so I'm doing so as we speak haha thanks for the advice I really appreciate it x

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