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Rectal bleeding ???


Not posted for a while... but i need your help.

Got up as usual this morning and had an unusual urge for the toilet. When i went to my horror i was bleeding from my bum.

Ive not gone into work yet. And an hour has passed and its settled down.

Ive had endo for many years. Had my first lap back in july. I still get pain but not as bad as before. A few months before my lap a very similar thing happened. I went to the docs that time and they looked at me, poked me up the bum... looked inside and came up with nothing and said... well least the bleeding has stopped.

Not had rectal bleeding since until today.

Im in an area of the uk where there are no specialist endo doctors. Just general docs and theyve alreadt admitted they know nothing about endo. And when ever i go to the docs about an endo related problem they do i google search or look on nhs website (i can do that at home!!!!)

So i turn to you guys....

Ive heard and read several posts before about endo and rectal bleeding. But not got any facts... are the two related. Am i getting this bleeding due to the endo?

Hoping someone will reply please... pretty much no one else to ask these questions to.

Thank you x

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I suffer from constipation a lot. Not sure if you do too. For the last 2-3 years each time I have a stool I bleed, it feels like a have a local injury which keeps reopening. My GP's said I need to change my died by myself and make sure I have stools every day, not having much of luck, everything seem to constipate me.

The only thing I find it in common is the fact that since my periods become longer and longer due to endo that is when I noticed this bleeding appearing as well and this was around 4 years ago...

Try to drink green tea to see if it helps.


Thank you for ur reply. I dont really suffer with constipation. It seems fairly random.


I have the exact same problem as you. My bleeding is completely random and when I went to the doctors they poked about and couldnt come up with anything, all they said was to get my gynecological stuff sorted out then if there was still no explanation ask to go for a colonoscopy, they really werent helpful at all.

Mine isn't diet dependant and has no links to the kind of stool i pass, it is completely random, i just tend to get really bad back ache if its going to happen.

Sorry i know thats not much use as i havent as of yet been diagnosed but hopefully it will reassure you that you aren't alone xxx


Thank you for ur reply. We do seem alike then as my endo is nothing diet related and same for my stools too. It also is completley random. But its now happened 3 days in a row.... :-( it doesnt hurt but its not right.



Hi I had severe endo and found that especially during my periods I would have rectal bleeding.. it was almost like I'd have piles during my monthly and then it would disappear.. Not sure to what extent your bleeding is though as sounds like its maybe a flow of blood? Mine was just blood on the toilet paper when wiping hope you're ok now.. I didn't get any help off my local gp surgery (it seems a little out their league) I was very lucky had a fab endo team at the local hospital and they were great! I think from the impression I got at my hosp they are still trying to learn so much about endo and so much if it is still unknown even by the experts.. Since my op and even before I have been and still filling out questionnaires as they are trying to find out more info x


Hi Emz87

What medication are you taking for pain? It may be related those. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like diclofenac, naproxen, mefenamic acid, ibuprofen, etc. can cause bleeding in your gut as a side effect.

I have been taking ibuprofen for years and when my pain got worse, the Dr prescribed naproxen, which seemed to help to take the edge of the pain. However, a couple of months after I started naproxen, I had bleeding from the bum. Naproxen is known to have a higher likehood to cause bleeding in the gut than say ibuprofen, so this was thought to be the likely cause of my bleeding. However, everyone responds differently and some people can take it for a long time with no problems.

Because I wasn't bleeding profusely - just blood mixed in my stool, they weren't very concerned, but I insisted on being referred for a colonoscopy, as I have had a bowel resection and colostomy (reversed now) due to endo and I wanted to make sure everything was OK up there. But the supposed 'fast track' referral took about 6 weeks, by which time any damage would have healed - not surprising they didn't find any cause of the bleeding, but at least I know my resectioned bits are in good condition!



Have you heard of Ulcerative Colitis?

Google it and see if any of the symptoms match yours, obviously after the bleeding one! Haha..

I have just been recently diagnosed with UC and whilst it means another chronic condition at least I know what the problem is.

good luck xx


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