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Pain killers

Hi everyone. I'm off to see my GP this afternoon as 13 weeks after my laparoscopy, my pain is worse than ever - worse than before I had it done!. The hospital have sent me a follow up for July but in the meantime they said to ask the GP for pain killers and I wondered what people find to work best?

Feminax Ultra was always a wonder drug for me but in the last 6 months or so it hasn't been so helpful and now it doesn't seem to have any effect. Rotating ibuprofen and paracetamol sometimes takes the edge off and codeine has no effect on me at all. I tried mefenamic acid many years ago and it didn't work but would it be worth another try?

Thanks in advance xx

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Before my surgery I was using co-codamol, mefenamic acid and diclofenac in combination, so I would take them all at the same time. Diclofenac comes in tablets and suppositories - the suppositories were an absolute life saver for me as they work very quickly and you can use them when you're nauseous. I also used ondansetron for sickness and sometimes tramadol, and when that lot didn't work, I went to A&E for oramorph or IV morphine. You may be offered traxenamic acid but be aware that this only reduces bleeding and is not for pain relief. You can safely combine 1 NSAID (so ibuprofen/feminax ultra) with paracetamol and an opiate like codeine.


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