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Pain killers not working!?

Me again! Some help and a little rant!!  Had lap earlier on today which they removed a cyst and endo on my ovaries, after the op I was given morphine due to the pain, and then have  been up to date with all my pain killers, then after the told me i could carry on with the pain killers I had prescribed by hospital a week ago, which was codine and naproxen but the pain in my tummy is very sore! I can't turn or move or even itch or touch near the wounds ! Is this normal? I know not all the pain with go away but I just want to be able to move to sleep! 

I'm also finding it very hard to go to the loo! When I go for a wee my bladder feels very full like It would just (tmi!) pour out! But it doesn't. Its a very small amount and very slow! I have to go a little then stop and tense .. Then go a little and this takes a good 7 mins to get it all out! Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this!?  Sorry to much info! 

I feel like I didt get the chance to ask all of these questions and definitely wasn't told about it:/ 

Thank you !  Hope this made some sense ! 

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Hi Hun have you tried ibrofen as it will help with any inflammation . You should be OK to take with the others. With regards to having a wee they really shouldn't have let you go home until you were able to empty your bladder. Unfortunately the anesthetic can kind of put bladder to sleep and it can take a while to wake up. If it doesn't improve by morning phone the ward and explain. Urine retention isn't good and can cause infection or kidney damage. So please if it doesn't improve get in touch with them. Try and get some sleep Hun but let me know how you are tomorrow.

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Thank you so much! The doctors said I couldn't take ibrofen with the naproxen but I can mix with paracetamol. Hopefully I'm emptying it enough for it not to get infected! It stung when I went at the hospital but she said that's normal, I'll just have to keep up with my fluids to try and empty my bladder. Thank you for your help!  Xxxx


No problem Hun I know what it's like and it sucks.  Take care.


What about asking for tramadol? Sometimes it's the only thing that really works for me. Hope you feel better soon x

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I'm really sorry to hear about your ordeal, but I hope they did a good job removing removing the cyst and endo tissue! :)

When I had my lap, I was the exact same when trying to go for a wee - took around a week for the tense-ness and soreness of my bladder to ease enough to go relatively normally. And the other type of toilet was completely out of the question with the soreness of my stomach muscles!

After the op they put me on tramadol through IV, but it surprisingly didn't do anything for me. I was put back on oramorph as that was the only thing that made an ounce of difference - everyone's different mind. Even on oramorph, I could still feel the soreness of where they had worked inside me and under my incisions - this didn't settle down for quite some time, but they did take out my endo-covered appendix while they were in there as well mind, so it might be a bit different? Anywho, anywhere that the surgeons and the camera they used even slightly touched while doing the lap will be inflamed, so your body will be sending loads of white blood cells there to help each area heal, and this process in itself will cause soreness, so I honestly wouldn't worry too much about it :)

I will warn you now though that it'll feel even more sore the next day, but that's normal unfortunately :') If, however, the type of pain changes drastically, or you find blood in your poo or wee, or your incisions suddenly start bleeding again, call the ward that you were on straight away!

So, in short, I'm afraid the sore pain in your belly area can be normal after a lap (it especially depends on what they've done and how they've done it as well mind), and it may take a while to fully ease down, but don't worry! I promise that it'll pass before you know it :)

So hang in there!! Don't underestimate the power of warm pajamas, a hot water bottle and a warm drink :) xxx

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Hi ! Thank you so much! Yes it's worse today! Nice to know I'm not the only one! How can I get tramadol? Can I phone my gp or do I have to go back to the hospital?  Thank you this really helps! Take care ! Xxx


With regards to your bladder it may not have fully woken up yet and it sounds like you're not fully emptying your bladder. I had this too, and my nurse told me to go try for a wee, and once you're done, stand up and wall around the bathroom and try again. 

Are you already at home? They shouldn't have really let you out if you weren't able to wee properly.

When I was on codeine I was told I could take up to 8 a day. And you can take paracetamol in between your codeine doses. 

After my first lap I was in agony and pain relief drugs didn't help, after 3 to 4 days it became more bearable. And that was the first time I was "cut into" my body had never experienced anything like that before.

Try to rest as much as possible, with a 5 to 10 minute walk if you can.

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Thank you! Yes it's my first ever operation so I had no idea what to expect! I was Sent home very quickly even though I was in a lot of pain, it stung when I passed urine but the nurse said that it was normal, i do try and drink lots to be able to empty my bladder! I get a numb bottom sitting/lying down so I do get up and have a walk about!:) thank you for your help! Xx


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