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Currently off sick with endometriosis pain

hi everyone

I'm new to this forum but as I'm currently off work thought it may help. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 9 years ago by laparoscopy and had laser treatment and hormone treatment for 6 months after surgery and the symptoms were much much better . I have since had a daughter who is now 3 and symptoms have got worse and worse since having her to the point that I have worse symptoms now than when I was first diagnosed. I saw a consultant last week who has said I need to have another laparoscopy done to have a look as I'm now not only getting very bad pelvic pain bowel pain I'm also getting pain in my hip and down my thigh which sometimes is unbearable. I'm due to go on holiday end of May so it was decided for me to have surgery when I get back . He has advised me to stop hormone pill to reduce risks of surgery but since I have stopped that I have been off work since last weds due to the pain that I am in . Not sure what to do for the best ! Shall I start taking the pill again as the pain is now much worse ?


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Really sorry to hear you are in such pain. I have just been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis I have currently been off work for learly a year due to the pain, which sounds exactly like you have described awful leg pain and back and feeling like I have been stabbed in my pelvic area and also bowels really painful. They tried my on the pill whilst I was waiting for my laparoscopy and it did nothing in fact I think it made it worse. If you were getting some relief via taking the pill I would contact your Gp or consultant and ask if this is a option, or ask for a more effective painkillers what have they currently prescribed you? I take Tramadol and Codeine I find them effective for pain but they make you feel tired and I get nauseated by them.

I hope this helps.



All that I am taking is ibuprofen and paracetamol as I have been just about coping with those although lately I'm not and feel like I just want to sleep all day which is not how you want to feel when you have little ones to look after x I think I'm gonna contact gp/consultant and ask about going back on the pill as this must have been a huge pain reliever for me although haven't realised till now ! Thanks for your reply what are they doing for you apart from the painkillers ???


I think that they should be able to give you more effective pain medication. I understand what you mean about wanting to sleep and how hard it is having kids, I feel my whole family has suffered due to me having this condition. I have now got to wait until follow up appointment in June to see what they can can do but the pain hasn't gone. I may have to have a hysterectomy as this is the only cure for Adenomyosis, which I'm feeling anxious about as I'm only 32.

Jo x


Hi Rachel,

It's interesting that you were told to stop taking your hormones pre-surgery because I was told the exact opposite (my surgery is next week). I was told that although there is a small increase in risk of clots after surgery if you take the hormones, my gynae said to stay on them because if I stopped I would be in terrible pain - as it sounds like you are. Personally I would take them but you should get medical advice. Hope you feel better soon x


I am gonna get advice as can't believe how much worse the pain is and really worry when I have to have time off work . Good luck with your surgery next week .


hi Rachael, me and my husband have looked back and since my son who was 5 in dec was born that was when i noticed the pain start, odd that isnt it,

Anyway dont feel guilty about work, give your dr a call and ask their opinion, if its stops the pain then ???? let us know how you get on x


I've noticed mine be much worse after 2 pregnancies perhaps it's do with hormone levels ??


Im so sorry for your pain. I was diagnosed with endometriosis over 7 years ago. I am finally getting relief with kelp,black strap mollases and TRC minerals. I finally have a pain free period. You can purchase the minerals on this website.http://www.allstarhealth.com/de_p_ref/26632/pla26632/ALL_ONE_TRC_Minerals.htm?utm_source=google&utm_medium=GPS&utm_campaign=26632&gclid=C


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