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Coping after hyst/BSO


I am now almost 9 weeks post op after my hysterectomy/BSO/bowel excision. Although the first 4 weeks post op were traumatic and horrible (I had a massive bleed from the vaginal wound which meant a trip to A&E sat on a pile of towels with the blood literally gushing out of me and then another 2 nights in hospital) I have been doing really well since then. I'm not taking any painkillers or any laxatives and life without periods is absolutely brilliant. I am back to work and trying to get back to normal.

However I am not on HRT yet and I have to wait another 4 weeks for my follow up appt when my consultant said he will prescribe it for me. I was on prostap without hrt for 9 weeks prior to surgery, so I've basically been crashed into menopause for 18 weeks now and I'm starting to struggle a bit. I really feel like the tank is empty and the flushes/sweats are starting to get me down. I'm so tired. I've had 2 years of absolute hell, of terrifying trips to A&E, pain that left me anxious and frightened, 3 surgeries, 2 with complications, horrible drug treatments that didn't really work and made my hair fall out and made me gain weight that I haven't been able to lose yet, although I am trying. I'm tired of having to pretend to people that everything is great because that's what they want to hear, but I don't want the grief that will follow being honest either. Sigh. No point to this really, just needed to get it out.

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Just want to say don't be too tough on yourself, it sounds as though you're doing really well if you're back to work. It will of course take more than a few weeks for your body to heal and adjust. Give yourself a break and take the time to you need mentally and physically to recover. I am on Prostap now and have been prescribed Tibolone, which I have not taken could you maybe see your GP to get an earlier prescription for HRT if the menopause symptoms are starting to get very bad? I have not felt the need for the tablets yet, but if the symptoms get bad I will start taking them. Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply. Sadly I have to wait for the HRT as my consultant said having these few weeks post op without it would help reduce the chance of the endo returning so I have to tough it out. I had it in my head that I only had 3 more weeks to wait but when I checked the calendar last night I realised it was 4 weeks and that has really thrown me, which is silly I know.

Hi Hun you are doing so well to already be back at work. I had mine March 2016 and had a large internal bleed afterwards. I was off work for nearly four months. Was put on tibalone initially after 3 months which really didn't help with the horrendous hot flushes and night sweats. My consultant had assured me that he had removed all endo so I spoke with my GP and we decided that I would try normal hrt . Within 3 days the hot flushes had pretty much disappeared. Unfortunately pain returned with a vengeance. Six months after op consultant told me he hadn't touched the endo on my bowel. Had he been honest with me I would have gone a different route and avoided the hrt.

Now worse off than I was before op. Have an appointment with different endo centre a week today. Can't wait.

So you really are do fantastically well for 9 weeks post op. Be kinder to yourself Hun. You could try evening primrose oil or something like menopace, to help with hot flushes. I know both boots and super drug sell them.

I wish you all the luck for your continued recovery.

That's terrible. Why do tell us they can do these surgeries that they can't do? They have said I will have tibolone for a year, and then an oestrogen only HRT until I'm 51 which I'm happy with as progesterone makes me loopy. I just wish I could have it now :/

You've done really well in getting back to work so soon. I had a relatively straight forward TAH and BSO and had 3 months off.

Hysterectomy associations website is very useful for support and help.

As to HRT tibolone is synthetic which is why they give it to a lot of people as first try so it should t make endo grow. I appreciate your nerves. My bsge consultant is also head of menopause clinic and assured me that you need a combined HRT. I'm currently on Kliovance after excision which was done at bsge centre.

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I've had tibolone before - I took it last year when I was on decapeptyl and it did stop the sweats so I feel reasonably confident it will help. I am back at work quite early but fortunately I am self employed so I work from home. I wouldn't be able to manage if I was having to travel.

Hi I'm post op 4 weeks total hysterectomy and bso laparoscopically and have recovered really well!! My consultant put me on oestrogen only hrt and luckily I was able to go on this straight away as I had adhesions everywhere but not Endo which was good. I'm returning to work next week on a phased return as sitting relaxing for the last 4 weeks means going straight back full time will be a nightmare. I went into work this week and it was lovely to see everyone but one person made a flippant comment about how it was alright for me as I'd got rid of everything whilst they were having an awful period!!! People don't seem to realise that it is a big decision to make having this op and we certainly don't make it lightly!! You feel like you have to justify why you have had it done and sometimes it doesn't even resolve all your symptoms or in you case gives you other symptoms to deal with!! So all I can say is keep going you have done really well with your recovery ignore flippant comments from people and hopefully you will have a better quality of life once your on the hrt. The main thing is keep talking about how you feel and don't bottle it up as you have been on an emotional rollercoaster and still are!! Good luck hun😘😄😄

I do feel that people regard hysterectomy as no big deal. My mother came to visit a few weeks ago and just kept saying 'but you're better now' and it made me a bit cross. No-one said that to her 6 weeks after her mastectomy! Glad you're doing so well with your recovery. x.

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