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Coping with pain

I have been in bad pain for the last 2 weeks now, my stomach is also swollen.

The medication take's the edge off but doesn't really get rid of it and it is really getting me down now, all I want to do is cry.

I am usually a bright bubbly person but at the minute I quite and miserable.

Not sure how much longer I can cope with this disease/illness sometimes I feel like giving up.

I'm so tired all the time and I am trying to hold down a full time job.


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Hey Chell, sometimes it is good for you to have a good cry! The truth is that you are dealing with so much stress, pain and anxiety but ultimately you are still only human. We all seem to carry on and pretend that things are normal. It's not a sign of weakness to let it all out every now and then. Am sending you a big hug and hope you feel better soon x


thank you.

I have been suffering since I was 17 and I now 37. Even if we have surgery it only helps for a few months.

I'm sorry for winging


Don't apologise. Endo is an absolutely awful condition and just remember how amazing you are to be dealing with it and holding down a full time job!! It is so hard to remain positive when crap just seems to keep coming at you. My main piece of advice is if you aren't satisfied with your treatment, keep the pressure on your consultants/GP to progress things. Insist that further action is taken. I too have had an awful time with endo since childhood (I am 33), especially in the last year and I have learnt that doctors although they are extremely knowledgeable and have the best intentions, they are just making educated guesses. Only we can tell them if they have got it right and the treatment is working or not. Ultimately, we are empowered to make the decisions on our own health/treatment. Will it ever end? Probably not but that doesn't mean we can't make choices that mean we can still achieve what we want to. I am optimistic that one day my endo story will have a happy ending! I hope yours does too! :o)


I have been told that my only option now is having my ovaries removed. I have a cyst on my left ovary and a fibroid on my uterus.

I have had excision surgery and laser, tried Zoladex and prostrap injections. I am now wearing a Buphrenorphine patch, taking Tramadol, paracetomol and Naproxine and also have Oramorph for back up.

Not sure how much more my body can take


Dear Chell,

Endometrosis is an evil illness I have only had for just under a year when it got diagnosed (I believe I have had it for longer) I dont know how you have coped for so long, but the only thing I can suggest is keep going back to your doctor or A&E and beg them, they sometimes listen all tho, if you ever need to talk you can always give me an email.

I hope you feel better soon.


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