So Tearful

Hello ladies,

I'm really struggling atm so have come here to get it off my chest. I had my op to laser off endometriosis 4 1/2 weeks ago now and I've not had a day free of pain yet, it's really getting to me as it keeps making me feel worn out and ill I've tried many painkillers to no avail. Did anyone else experience it like this a few weeks post op cos I feel like I'm getting nowhere which I'm sure I am think I'm just having a bit of a down day


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Did you have a mirena fitted? Sorry to hear you are feeling down :(

No I didn't as I didn't react well to it last time :-/ x

Oh no just thought it may have been that :( made me feel terrible! Hope you feel better soon x

Yeah the coils not nice lol

Thank you :) x

Hi I had that done about 2 years ago now and it took about 6 weeks to recover I felt as its like having major sunburn all over inside your body so u cant put any lotion on etc like you would on the outside of your body. Hang in there and just give yourself time to heal and it will get better im sure.

That's reassuring to hear, hopefully another week or 2 I'll feel much better :)

The pain is horrible especially because you can't get to it

Thank you for replying x

Have you been given tramadol? That worked for me it made me feel a bit spaced and I thougjt I saw a wall of cockroaches buy it worked! I Would aka for that it you have not been given it ready. It is a short term drug though

I've had tramadol before and it made me sick, the doctors don't seem to know what to give me and basically said that's the way it is get on with it.

R u sure you don't have an infection ? Please see your gp. Should be feeling better now from a normal lap. A few years ago I ended up with a urine infection that causes tummy pain after a laser lap. Left undiagnosed I ended up in hospital for a further 5 days very unwell. GP and if urine is clear insist they send away for checking as mine failed to at the time

Good luck. Feel better. X

They only ruled out a uti as I kept feeling unwell, they said my urine was clear. If it doesn't improve I will be speaking to them again but my doctor told me it was normal how I was feeling

Thank you x

Good as I don't think it's normal how ur feeling. Perhaps gp again tomorrow. Sorry ur suffering so much x

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