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Back to work?!!

It is 3 weeks today since my laparoscopy. I am still on the road to recovery, I think I am feeling better and I try to get out for a walk but it exhausts me. I'm currently due my first period after the op as I didnt choose to have contraception so therefore the pain seems to have come back. I'm just wondering is it normal to not go back to work, how long did you have off??? Xx

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It very much depends on what was done during your surgery and how you feel.

I had three weeks after both of mine and felt ready to go back to work but everyone's recovery is different xxx


Thank you xxx


Your experience sounds very similar to mine. I had a diagnostic lap with ovary cyst removal and was expecting to be off a week or two. I had minor complications and was kept in overnight as I wasn't well after the anaesthetic / morphine. It took me a full 5 weeks to manage to go back to work and even then it was a push. I had the op 6 Dec and returned to work 13 January.

I am still struggling a lot with fatigue , it's my biggest symptom and went down to 4 days a week at work this week. :(


Thats reassuring thank you, I always worry incase I'm taking to much time off! I've been giving 2 weeks of when i visited the doctors so that's a total of 4 weeks. So hopefully it all gets back to normal by then!

Sorry to hear your story I hope things brighten up for you xxxxx

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Hi Megan-j-hart

I went back to work yesterday, 2 weeks after my lap. Only due really to a project I'm working on that has to be continued with, otherwise I would've had another couple of days off. What I found helped me was to get myself into a routine as soon as I felt I could, get up at the same time, meals at the same time etc. I tried to do a couple of housework bits and pieces in the morning, so that I could rest in the afternoon/evening if I needed it (which I pretty much did).

I got myself outside, but just in the fresh air to start with rather than going for walks (it was about 10 days before I went for a walk). I'm sure you're doing all the usual stuff...lots of fresh food, plenty of sleep etc etc. Do you take a multi vitamin? That may help if you're nutrient levels are low at the moment.

And remember that we're all different...you must take whatever time you need for your body to heal. I remember reading something online just before my lap that said that surgery is an event however healing is a process. And it was such a good reminder for me.

Sending you lots of positivity and healing vibes 😊



Thank you very much for that advice! I will try the routine and getting back into the norm of things.

I don't take vitamins but that's a great idea to getting back on the right direction I will look in to getting some, anything which can help!

Such a great thing to read and so true, and something I forget that healing is a process and like you said everyone is different, I just panic haha. But thank you so much for that very reassuring.


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I hope the last few days have been a little easier for you. I'm still working my first week back after 2 weeks off and I really wish I'd got myself signed off for a further week. Just wanted to reassure you that you're not alone with the low energy etc. Good luck with everything, I hope you feel better soon xx


It can take 12 weeks to heal internally according to the description in this guide, I found it useful in managing my expectations of my recovery. centerforendo.com/is-my-end...

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