Back to work?

Hi all

Ok so day 6 after lap and removal of endo still sore inside but going out of my mind being at home and "resting" im not a very good paitent hubby has come home from work to a cooked meal every day and the house work done (i tell him the kids have helped loads lol)

Just wondering when i should go back to work. I'm thinking of going back tomorrow day 7, just take it easy if it gets to much i can leave but ita driving me crazy being at home all day. Advice please xx

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  • Glad your up and about Hun, I'm the same like you I've been up and about since day 2 it's driving me nuts staying in the house too, my doctors told me I couldn't drive for 2 weeks though 🙈 I feel absolutley fit as a fiddle just my Insides feel a bit sore xx

  • Im sore and very swollen still. my delightful daughter just said mummy it looks like you are having a baby lol. I just need to be doing something day time tv is a killer im not a jeremy kyle fan i just wonder round the house looking for something to do, hubby has got the neighbours and the people in the local shops on lookout for me so if i go out he will know, i know he just cares and wants me better but ill be better but crazy if i dont do something soon lol. Glad im not the only one xx

  • I did a bit too much yesterday and I felt it last night felt really drained and my back was hurting, feel better today though I am actually going to sit on my bum afternoon and watch Christmas films with my little girl. Just be careful going back to work though Hun, are you in a manual job? Xx

  • Same hun have done very little today but won't be letting hubby know ive over done it when he gets home lol. We own a cafe and fridays are super busy he has been on his own all week managing fine but needs someone with him friday im sure i will be ok to make a few coffees and cut some bread. Ive done the min today so whe he gets in i wont be uncomfortable or in noticeable pain. I feel ill be ok to go.

    Hope you get to rest and enjoy your Christmas films xx

  • I haven't had surgery yet but I've been almost bedridden everyday since July after I went on BC all the time which has caused me to flare up and have 1 good day a month. I can't stay out for more then a like 2 hours now...

    I picked up different hobbies: knitting, clay work, jewellery making, song writing, candle making, lotion making, painting, and lots of science and math out of boredom. And I also do modules in school but these past 3 weeks have been hellish.

    I'm 17 and don't have kids so I'm not really sure what you could do without getting the kids riled up. Unless if you pick up a hobby and do it with them?

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