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Going back to work?

I had my op on Monday and my GP has signed me off sick until Xmas. That's like just less then two weeks away surely by then I'll be better for work, I feel so guilty and like I'm taking the Michael for having this much time off and worried what people are saying especially because there's a lady there who has endo and she's gone to work after laps 😕 I know I shouldn't care what overs think but I'm just worried I'm taking to long. On my first lap I went back after a week and found out it was too early then had another week and a half off! Then my second lap I was off for nearly 5 weeks after then getting two infections and shingles. Sorry for ranting on just worried 😔

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Don't worry it's only two weeks off which is nothing if your doctoepr has signed you off till then just go with it

Take care


I had my laparoscopy on Tuesday & have been signed off till new year!

You need to relax, recooperate and get yourself better x


I had mine tuesday too, how you feeling ? X


Still really sore to be honest, but I had my cysts, endo, ovary & tube removed this time. So it's going to take a little longer than normal. Am going stir crazy lol! X


It's normal to feel like you want go back cos your head is fine, but your body is recovering.

I wouldn't think about what others think as you need think about number one.

Then you can go back fighting fit.

I'm off sick also at the busiest time of the year in our shop. But I'd be in the way and no use if I was there.

Happy recovering xxx hugs

No one understands what it is like to live with endo and its freaking exhausting xxxxx


I had exactly the same problem hun. My supervisor had endo and she she ill be back to work straight away. But 5 weeks after the lap and an infection I returned to work - last was last year my first ever laparoscopy . I was exactly like you really worried about what people would say and if they'd be talking about me.

I had another lap in july and I was off for 7 months due to depression and to get over the op - the lap wasn't successful for my pain unfortunately and I was at a very low point. At that time off my job I realised that yes some people will talk and most people will understand but you'll always have that problem hun. You sound very young like me (only 22) and the problem is we care too much about gossipers and how they perceive us and how we cope with our illness.

But don't worry babe, you'll realise one day that all them gossipers have no importance in your life, and that looking after yourself and going back to work when YOUR ready is more important. After having this awful condition I now make sure I always make time to rest when I need because believe me you wont get thanked for rushing back to work. Stand your ground! And remember its you that has to go home at the end of the day and deal with the pain and endless symptoms NOT THEM!

Good luck hun, sending you hugs xxx



I really wouldn't worry, I had three weeks off after my lap and it was a straightforward one, I think everyone's situation is different and you can't judge your own recovery based on other's, and they may well not be finding it as easy as you may think! You have the doctor's sign off, so that is the gold standard really - just take the time they've given to take it easy and recover! Best of luck :)

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Thank you all so much for your kind words. They have helped me :) just sometimes need a reminder that we should out ourselves first when it comes to our health xx


Thats good you feel better. How are you now recovery wise?

is it sore? My lap tomorrow excited/nervous but looking forward to seeing what on earths going on inside me xxx


Thank you :)

I'm getting there slowly, I felt that last few days seemed to be getting better but then feels sore again and got a pain that I've not had 😕 I've got to remember it's only been two weeks!

I hope all has gone as well as it could with your lap




I think 2 weeks really is a reasonable necessary time. My surgeon said 4 days and id be back to normal...NO WAY I was still loopy on pain meds. He yelled at me for malingering and I cried hysterically which I had never done before in front of a Dr. Even at two weeks out I wasn't 100%. I think the patients who are fine the next day are an exception.

Take the time YOU need. Recovery will pass. Your long-term health is priority.


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