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So today I went back to work, being slowly reintroduced after my op. I’m 12 days post op and feeling fine, so today was a half day, 9-12 and see how I got on.

I lasted until 11am and I came over dizzy, literally every time I blinked or moved my head I went lightheaded. My eyes felt heavy and I just felt so ill. I’ve had to leave my car at the office and get a lift home as I couldn’t drive. Currently in bed with a stinking headache and feeling like I’ve got the flu!

Have I just over done it? Mums worried I’ve got an infection, but surely not if I’ve got to 12 days post op with feeling fine until now? Do I ring them? Or just rest and see... people coming at me from all angles with advice just want to hide lol!

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  • Awwwww hun. You couldn't help but go could you.. Cleaning house yesterday work today. Bless ya.

    What are your wounds looking like. I got infection can't remember how long after but it was a while. And I felt like rubbish. 💗🤗😘

  • Wounds all look fine. Bikini line one has never bothered me, until a few days ago felt a bit tight, but stopped after a day or two and looks fine. Belly button looks good too, stiches may be on there way out.

    I do just feel so ill, im in bed, waiting for other half to get home so I know kids are looked after so I can go to sleep!! But my head is awful, and I’ve never had the flu, but this is how I imagine it feels but with out to snotty nose and streaming eyes etc

  • You might have one you know. My infection showed up 2 weeks three days later on my belly button. I just checked. Best to go get checked honey. It could be start of one 💗🤗😘

  • I can’t have an infection!! Haven’t got time for that lol! Got a presentation tomorrow 🙄🙄

  • Haha I know hun. Is your body all aching and you feel lost type feeling dazed? 💗🤗😘

  • Yep, achy and flu like. And then earlier went over all funny like I’m not in my own body! Thought I was finally losing it!

  • Don't know where myv reply went.

    Defo sounds like what iv felt when I had one. U need to get checked out they'll give you strong antibiotics then ask them for something for thrush because you'll get that from antibiotics clearing all the bacteria good and bad💗🤗😘

  • Yeh I always get thrush from anti bios. The joys of being a woman! Surely there are some perks?

  • I'm trying to think what they are? 😅

  • Yeh think we both might be thinking for a while! 😳🙄

  • Have you rang out of hours? 💗😘🤗

  • Nope.. had a shower will see how I am soon and then decide.

    Don’t want to ring if it’s just a cold or something. I have to go back to the hospital where I had the surgery if it’s related and that was private. And although funded from work don’t really want to add to my bill!

  • Oh OK. Don't leave it too long. They can test for it through your urine. Colds don't make you feel dizzy do they like your going crazy eh super woman? Just be careful 💗🤗😘

  • I know! 🙁 just getting some stuff sorted first. Then will ring xx

  • Hope your OK. Let mev know when you know. Wish you luck hun 💗🤗😘

  • Will do Hun thank you x

  • i would get it checked. i didnt start with symptoms until 3 weeks after lap and ended up a serious infection. if it gets picked up quicker it should resolve with antibiotics quickly but if left can develop and be much harder to get under control. my symptoms were exactly as you are describing.

  • Hi sorry you feel so rough you could try probiotics to help with thrush get well soon rest up today stay calm it's had but it will help much love xx

  • Ended up with an infection 3 weeks post-op. Had a temperature and generally felt a bit crap. Went to see GP and she put me on high dose antibiotics for a week. Then got another weeks worth a week later. Would go see your GP

  • Sorry to tell u but yeh u overdone it...

    I did same, on day 8 i went running then day 9 went back to work, ended up back at home after 3 hours and slept for 17 hours and felt awful for 3 days after.

    Also because i over done it i got a bladder infection so please be careful.... u will only end up with more time off sick if u dont.

    I think if i had just seen the 14 days through and not 9 i would have been better, just them 5 extra days.

    I have been back to my gynae today for my 8 week check up and discharged and was told that it takes about 12 weeks to heal from inside so i should still not b pushing it( as i exercise alot) so just remember this.

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