Pill back to back??

So my doc put me on a combined pill back to back for three months then break for 7 days. However, I'm a little under 2 months in with this brand and I can feel my body screaming for a period. My back is in even worse pain, my stomach is killing, and I'm having full on period cramps everyday but no breakthrough bleeding yet.

If I was to stop taking it and use it for 3 weeks then off for 7 days would that help? And how long would it take to get my period from the day I stopped taking it?

The pill is making my Endo worse I swear, and the docs refuse to change anything.

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  • The only advice I can offer is that when the doctor suggested I take the pill back to back for three months I was in absolute agony (if I remember rightly pain started just after two months) and the doctor said my body just didn't take to going for three months so I changed to two months back to back. I was in so much pain I stopped taking it for one week then stated the cycle again.

  • I take the pill back to back by my second packet I get all the or pregnancy type symptoms, swollen sore breast , cramping in lower stomach , even feeling sick , ive had. A few different pills, and all of them do this to me , I'm told its normal , and it's duebto the hormones, and when I take my break my period doesn't happen until 3-4 days, but if you are concerned I would get a second opinion x

  • i'm having this trouble at the moment, i'm currently 2 months into taking the pill back to back and i feel so awful, my stomach hurts even more which i didn't think was possible, i am now getting migraines and i constantly feel sick. Any advice?

  • I wouldn't know what to advise because I'm no doctor. But I had to stop birth control altogether, every different type made me feel awful. My periods and everyday life is still a struggle, but at least it's predictable and there's no nasty surprises. Have you tried any other methods?

    Hope you find a solution soon xx

  • I've only recently been diagnosed so this is the first course of treatment my doctor is trying me on. Thank you for the advice anyway, I may get in touch with my gyne to see what he thinks xxx

  • This is what happened with me on cilest pill. What are you on? I'm now on cerazette trial and I'm feeling past few days kind of the same again. This is meant to be one that naturally stops periods and no eostrogen unlike cilest which isn't made to stop periods but you can take it back to back to stop them. This only works for some though xx

  • God I didn't realise how long ago this post was!!

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