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Due back in work, help!

I had my diagnostic lap on 16/12 and have been on self certified sick for a week and then one week from my doctor. Im due back Weds 4th, but i'm still not feeling right.

I was really ill from the lap, it was the worst pain i've ever experienced, was put on various drugs and oxygen and kept in over night. I only got out of bed xmas eve, and i've been taking it easy ever since.

I was diagnosed with endo, although im yet to have my follow up app on 24/1. I've suffered horrendous periods for nearly two years, and have had at least a week off work a month over this time.

My job involves a lot of stress, dealing with emergencies across Bristol, lifting people, on my feet all day, managing 8 homes, driving everywhere. Im also on call at least once a week throughout the night; i'm actually due to be on call next weekend from 7am sat to 7am monday, which can involve attending to life threatening emergencies across the city.

I just don't think i can do this job anymore, i'm always off sick at least once a week. And then in the middle of that i have bad pain and PMS. I don't think it would be so bad if I sat in an office with access to toilets and a chair at least.

My manager makes me feel like i just want time off and belittles me. I'm also going through fertility treatment which she is aware of, and makes me feel like this is all my choice. She also 'accidently' told half my team i'm trying to a baby and said she can't wait for me to have my op because it will cure everything.

I'm due on in the next few days, and i'm really worried that it will be my first day back and i'll have to go sick again, because it leaves me unable to function or walk. I'm still experiencing sharp pain in my wounds, my stiches still havent desolved, im experiencing pain when i bend, and pain under the surface. Im still exhausted.

I know I can now be classed under the Equality Act, but how do I get this recognised? I can put forward reasonable adjustments but i doubt these will be recognised. She still hasn't referred me to Occ Health, can I contact them myself? Can I ask my doc for more time off? What are my rights? And how do I put forward evidence? Not many people know about endo. I don't want to loose or have to give up my job.


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Hi - I had my diagnostic lap back on the 5th December and I'm back at work on Tuesday. I was given a sick note from the consultant for two weeks and then another one from the GP for a further 2 weeks, if you don't feel your right you must go to the Docs and get signed off for longer.

You're not alone I never expected to feel how I did after the lap, I was in loads of pain and felt really sick and was also kept in overnight. I thought I would be up and about within a couple of days - not a chance :(.

You must have a HR department can you speak to someone there ? You're obviously not getting the support you need from your line manager !!

As long as you have a current sick note there isn't much your employer can do.

You will feel better soon I'm sure it just takes time.


Hi please listen to your body. If you are not ready to go back then don't. GP can give you another sick certificate. If you go back before you are ready it will only make things worse.

Just because you have small scars on the outside doesn't mean it wasn't a major operation. Maybe not in the eyes of doctors but to you and your body it is. So please be kind to yourself . Your health and wellbeing is far more important than a career.

When you do go back speak to GP about giving you a certificate stating that you should return on reduced hours that you can then build up over a few weeks.

Look after yourself and good luck.


I had my 2nd lap in may 2015. I returned to work in the aug. I kept going to the doc for a sick note. Please don't go back until your body is healed, it will only mean another sick period. It's better to go back when you are ready not when work thinks you are.

Under the equality your bosses have to show that they have provided reasonable adjustments. If they don't then they are at fault. When you do go back ask the GP for a phased return. Your bosses have to abide by these.

I would make an appointment with occasional health and hr myself. It shows that you are willing to return to work etc.

I hope this helps.


Listen to your body. I had my first lap in October and had two and a half weeks off, immediately followed by half term (I'm a teacher). My first two periods after the lap were absolute agony (especially the first one). Just ring your GP and explain.

Wish I had advice for a difficult boss. Mine isn't easy. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm making the whole thing up!


When I'd my op in may. I was told to take 6 to 8 weeks for recovery. And when work sent me to occupational health they advised 8 to 10 weeks.

I would go back to your doctor and ask about a longer sickline. Then use the time to look for a more suitable job as well as recovery.

Don't let your manager get to you about the fertility issues. Some people are lucky and haven't had to deal with anything like this is their life. So just don't understand. Stay strong and do what's right for you.


Hi i was due back after 2 weeks but asked for another 2 weeks not so much for pain, but i was very giant if i went out the house anywhere and vomiting just wasn't feeling great and had more of a discomfort under my wounds, i am 6 weeks on and have my 2nd op on friday and still don't feel 100% but have been doing phased return at work of 5 hour days? maybe hr could arrange this for you? Best of luck with your recovery and listen to your body you know best xxx


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