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Almost a month after my lap..


Saw my doctor today as my pains hasn't changed and the right side of my tummy is swollen.

She felt my tummy and now i need to have an urgent ultrasound. She reckons it may be to do with the coil.

I feel like giving up, I've now got worse since my laparoscopy. A step backwards, yet again.

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Did you have a Lap done at a BSGE centre? Xx

Was any endo removed? And how?

Could be not done properly ☹️

Tanyaannh in reply to Marcia71

No. They said they didn't find any endometriosis, they found an impression of Adenomyosis and removed a polyp but that's it.

It was done by a specialist gyne that deals with endo at my local hosp.

Unfortunately, like so many of us, this sounds like a general gynae who doesn't know enough about endo. Adenomyosis is when endo affects the muscle of the uterus so is endo in itself.

Get your GP to refer you to a bsge clinic as you do now have an endo diagnosis and they couldn't help you.

They are all NHS and you are entitled to go to one of your choice.

Tanyaannh in reply to Marcia71

I just had a look on the site and one of the gynes is the Dr I'm under.

Dr Khazali

Marcia71 in reply to Tanyaannh

And is that at that endo centre? Worrying if it is. If just listed as gynae in bsge then it is a professional organisation you pay to join. But the clinics are different as have different regulations.

Tanyaannh in reply to Marcia71

Oh ok. I'll have to look into it, thank you x

Tanyaannh in reply to Marcia71

Just had a look, I've added a picture of what it says x

Can't see pic☹️ Is a link any good? Does it say endo clinic name above her name?

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