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pain a month after a lap...

Hey, i had a lap early this month, since my lap my pain has gotten worse, I couldnt walk on saturday at one point because my pain was so bad..

They didnt remove any endo after my lap, even though i hav stage 3/4 endo, im really worried that my lap has caused it to flare up even more.

Anyone else had this problem?

Thank you in advance x

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Hi, sorry your in more pain, why didn't they take any out at the time? and where is it, what are they planing to do next.


Because its in an awkward place, on my bowel, behind my womb and under my tubes, nobodys telling me anything with what they want to do next-.- xx


Yes, pain during my first period was very bad after a lap.

The consultant only released adhesion of overies but left all the other Endimeteriosis on bladder, bowel etc.

So I went on mini pills by asking my GP to prescribe them and now on mirena.

Less painful in lower abdomen but more pain in kidny.

Good luck, hope you feel better.


I haven't had a period after my operation... just when I do daily things my pain gets much worse


Hmmmm, sounds familiar. 4 weeks on too. Been in agony this week, think I'm ovulating. I suspect that cutting adhesions has let things move about and they are settling! I went swimming Monday, that hurt Tuesday! Catch 22, want to keep it all moving but that hurts. I'm due for another one (long story) in a few months so gonna stick it out but did have to hit the pain killers yesterday. See how you go and what part of your cycle it is. If it doesn't subside I'd call your consultant and check.


Its been about 3 weeks and the last week and a half has been hell for me! Doctors wont give me strong painkillers either-.- hope you get well soon xx


Sorry to hear ur still in pain. It's been 3 weeks since mine and my pains getting worse and its daily! They said they had lasered mine away but I'm still gettin pain :( im wondering if it's scar tissue or where im still healing inside. Ring the secretary for your gynaecologist I phoned mine and explained im in loads of pain and I have an appointment to see him Friday. Hope u get some help xx


Im sorry to hear that youre in pain! They didn't remove any of mine so im wondering if its made it worse? I keep phoning them but they dont answer the phone-.- xx


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