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My first lap tomorrow

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Hi all. It's my first lap tomorrow and I'm just wondering if anyone has come out of this being told they dont have endometriosis and where you go from there?

I always get tummy troubles the week before, during and after my period. I will have severe pain when going to the toilet almost like I spasm and I can't move from the pelvic pain, this along with cold sweats and passing out and extreme nausea - not fun!

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Good luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on. I can’t answer any questions as not had mine yet but wanted to say you will be fine & hopefully you will be given some answers 💕x

Wishing you lots of luck. I’m worried about ‘what if it’s not’ when I have mine. You’ll be ok. Good you get the answers you need x

Good luck for tomorrow. I’ve had a lap and it sorted me out! Hope it does for you too xx

Hi, I had mine done in September and I have stage 2 endometriosis. They treated it there and then but I will be having on going treatments due to another diagnosis. Good luck you will be fine !

Hi there. Good luck with your op. My daughter had her laparoscopy 10 days ago and was told she doesn’t have endometriosis, which she is so grateful for. The surgeon did find a cyst on her urethra and some inflammation of the lower intestine, and I believe he will be referring her to a urologist now for the cyst. She has a follow-up appointment to find out more soon.

My sister in law was told she didn’t have endo after a lap, and that the pain and diarrhoea she got was just a period symptom. Which seemed to be the case for her. She never had treatment (other than having the coil fitted) and is fine 7 years, and two kids, later.

I had my lap in September and was told I have severe endo primarily on my bladder and scar tissue old endo on my bowel. Not sure I was fully prepared to hear that to be honest. I’ve been really pleased with the help I’ve had so far though.

Good luck to you.

I had th same.fear was convinced it was in my head and nearly talked myself out of it when I woke up I got told I have stage 4 and that it was so bad she couldn't touch it so waiting on a date for the next one now. Good luck xx

I had a lap about 18 months ago and was told no endo was found. I was then referred to gastro, still nothing found. My pain etc has got soo much worse since my initial lap and my new consultant thinks it may have been missed in the first one so I'm now waiting for another one! I'd say to keep pushing for answers. Hope the lap goes well 😊 X

hey, I was so worried I wouldn't have endo either before my lap. My consultant was really kind and helpful explaining what they could do next that's why they too biopsies.

Check out my post:

"All this effort does pay off - my story - hope it helps !"


I had my lap done in April, no endo which was a massive relief, but there was a cyst on one of my ovaries that was removed at the time. Since then I've been feeling much better. I originally went because I was having major bladder issues and period pains. Life has been great since. They also ran the dye through my pipes and clear. I was lucky.

Good luck with your lap


I have had numerous laps and one of my first ones i came out and said everything was normal. The best advice i can give is keep pestering them as if they dont find anything they will normally do further tests etc. You can always ask for a second opinion. Dont worry too much as it is normal to feel worried that they will not find anything but 99% of the time they find the issue. Drs have so much information about endo then they used to and will give you support so you will be fine. Good luck with the lap and hope it goes well. Might be worth having a quick chat with your gynae tomorrow about your concerns then they will reassure you.

I had my lap and they found nothing but they did insert the levosert coil. I was also given a chronic pelvic pain leaflet and have been recommended to go see my GP for MRI and be referred to Gastro :( apparently nothing gynaecological - which I find quite hard to believe

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