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10 days after lap

I had my endo removed and dense adhesion cut 10 days ago. My adhesion was so dense and 3,4 adhesion wasn't able to be cut on my right side. I had to stay overnight as my lap was late afternoon and I took sometime to recover in the recovery room.

I feel a bit better after a week. However have sever pain (more severe than before lap) when my bowel moves and aching tummy. I know it is only 10 days so I can understand aches and pains. My pain pain with bowel movement is so severe and it doesn't seem to get any better. My tummy is still swollen quite a lot.

I was told they have washed my tummy with some water after the operation to prevent further adhesion. The night I had my lap I had some leak from on of the stitches. As I was staying in the hospital, a nurse changed my dressing and that was it.

I have been feverish since I come home. I get night sweat every day recently but I feel cold. I don't have temperature.

Is my severe pain with bowel movement get better? Is my leak usual thing? How long does it take to my swollen tummy to go down? I have difficulty bending down as my swollen tummy is in the way.

Should I visit GP?


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Sounds like you may have an infection I was like that after one surgery got took back in. Id go to your gp or go to the hospital tell them you recently had surgery and explain xx


Thanks Vickey. How is your infection?

When I took my temperature this afternoon, it went up... I will see how I feel this weekend and if it is still there I will have to go to GP.



I had mine last about 2 years ago but it sounds exactly how I was. Id go asap really so they can get it under control and sorted x


Thanks I did have very bad infection 3 years ago. This time is not as bad as last infection so I hope antibiotics sort me out.

Take care



Two things - definitely get an infection checked out. But also you will find bowel movements very painful if the surgeons removed endo and adhesions from the bowel. The stretching of the bowel to pass poop will be putting lot of pressure on fresh wounds and it can hurt a lot. I would suggest that you take oral laxatives like lactulose syrup every day for at least a week or two to keep the poop as soft as you can, remember to also drink plenty of extra water too, because the medicine will cause the digestive tubes to absorb plenty of water from your body in to the tubes to soften the poop. This will certainly help with toilet trips.

It isnot very helpful if you have an infection and are taking antibiotics as the tablets might not be so effective if they are not in your body for very long because you are making your foods move faster through the gut.

If the GP says there is no infection, then definitely try and get your poop to be softer so you don't have to stretch the bowel too much while on the toilet. It should get better and less painful over the coming weeks but that's still a lot of toilet trips to get through before things get better for you.

You might find it easier to roll up a towel or a cushion and place it on your lappushed in to your tummy so you roll over the cushion or towel as you bear down for a poo. Squatting over a toilet can make it easier and less painful too, if you have a squat toilet, or perhaps you might find it easier to squat over a child's potty so gravity does more of the work, and you are not straining your muscles quite so much which can add to the pain of toilet trip.

The laxatives should also reduce some of the tummy bloating too by removing excess fluids from the body.

I hope you are feeling a lot better soon and that you don't have any infection to complicate things for you.


Thanks impatient. I will have to go to GP on Monday so I will ask them about your suggestion. My constipation got bit better but the pain level haven't got any better...

The fact I had 4 holes and my right side is a lot better than left side. I had very bad infection 2 laps ago and now remember the pain and discomfort so I do think this is an infection too. However it is not as severe as the previous time.

Thank you and take care :)



Hi Shukudai,

I just saw this thread. How are you now? Was the doctor able to help you? I do hope things have settled down and any infection and painful bowel issues have cleared up.

Sending you good wishes and hugs for a speedy recovery. xx


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