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12wks post op pain? Help PLSE!!!

Hi all

In need of some advice on whether I'm still healing or something else is going on?

I had very extensive surgery for recto vaginal endo. The procedure was 5hrs long and involved Pararectal space dissection, ureterolysis, ovarian cystectomy and excision of RV nodules and Hysteroscopy.

Im concerned as when ever I try to move i.e. light garden or minimal cleaning I get pelvic pain especially from my ovary and have frequent trips to the toilet. urine test showed no infection but blood in urine?

I would be gratefu,l if any ladies out there who have been through this surgery could give me some advice. my follow up post op appointment isn't until june? yes, I was shocked initially but my consultant is in high demand and is the only surgeon at this bsge centre.

Thanks in advance for any help or tips.

king regards to all xx

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Hi Bee-74,

I am sorry to hear about the pain you are still experiencing. I hope that today is a low pain day.

I had surgery (2nd lap in a year) about 10 weeks ago and am still in pain. The pain you describe is much like mine and from the sound of the work you had done, similar to mine too. I have been told by my consultant that everything is still healing and I should expect it to take longer than the normal 12 weeks. So at this point, it may well still be healing, which, I know, is extremely frustrating.

I'm afraid I can't help on the blood in urine. Did the GP check this? Were they able to give some explanation? I would assume (and hope) that if it was something to be concerned about, then they would have acted on it.

I'm due to see my consultant again at the end of May / beginning of June for a follow up, as this is when she expects everything with be 'back to normal'. I just hope that she is right!

I hope that this is of a some help and that you do start to feel better soon.

Very best wishes,

Lucy x


Thank you so much Lucy for replying. It's strangely reassuring to hear from someone in the same boat, altho at the same time I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Sorry to hear that you are also suffering.

Lets hope we both start to feel better real soon and our consultants are right.

I have also been diagnosed with Adenomyosis so confused that this might sadly be a factor.

Do you mind if I ask whether you take anything to prevent further Endo? I hate the BCP as took it on and off for 25years. I Would be interested to know your management?

Best wishes for a pain free or low pain day.

Kind regards



Sorry for the delay in replying.

I take progesterone only pill to control my endo. Before I was on the evra patch. This did not work and resulted in it spreading further. I hope that my new regime works. I have been told to expect further regrowth though.

I also have Adenomoysis. So I agree, it is tricky to know whether this is involved too.

My other main way of managing pain is through meditation. I've done the breath works programme which is focused on management of pain and the related stress. I've found that it really helps. Well worth looking into.

I don't eat gluten as that causes huge pain problems. I also find alcohol gives me extra pain. It has been a case of learning as I go along.

I do hope that your pain is calming.

Very best wishes,

Lucy x

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Thanks Lucy x sorry for late response.

Yes I'm in totally agreement to practicing meditation and also following a special diet too. I try to avoid gluten where possible, including refined sugar. All very frustrating but I find it certainly helps with pain.

Good luck with your recovery, management, and keeping well and pain free xx



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