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Pain 4 months post op

Hello. How have people found their muscular recovery after surgery? I seem to be having seriously sharp shooting pains where my surgery was, in the hollow of my hip after manhandling my suitcase at the airport on holiday yesterday. It really kills.

Is this normal so many months after?

I took period delaying progestogen before I flew but pretty sure this is physical / muscular.

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I would get it checked out just to be on the safe side. You didnt mention what op it was. A laprascopic one? A hysterectomy? Lazer?

Depending on the op it depends on the recovery time. You need to realise that scar tissue can form and if you move a certain way it will prob cause a bit of a problem...

Please seek some medical advice on this. X


Thanks. Not really easy abroad given how low awareness in UK is of Endo I'm not holding out much hope here. It was a pretty extensive lap excision op followed by a bout of viral meningitis but quite a few months ago now back in mid July and I'm half way through a phased return to work.

I'm due to see my Consultant back in blighty in 2 weeks.


Im glad you are going back to see your consultant.

You mabe right about finding it difficult to find someone abroad to understand, depending on where you are.

Im not sure what the recovery time is on a lap excision op. However i was rather edge after my hysterectomy for quite a few months even though i was told that as it was keyhole it would be less recovery time and i could continue as normal after a month an a half if i felt ok.

I felt rather stiff i suppose for a while after. But im not sure wheither that was cos i was trying so hard not to be moving around too vigorously lol. That in itself can make your muscles clentch and in turn cause a muscular problem if you move an an aquward way. I especially did not attempt to lift heavy objects for a fair few months as that requires tummy muscles as well as legs and i was not gona risk delaying a good recovery.

Is there no chance of you contacting your consultant and letting him know whats going on? Even if it just makes you feel a bit more at ease it would be worth it right?

Its always worth asking professional medical advise if your having a problem after a surgical procedure.

If its nothing then you can laugh about it later. Its better safe that sorry is what ive been told.

I hope you feel better soon.

Let me know how you get on.


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Hey Starry🙋🏽

I’m only 9 weeks in but did experience this but more around menstruation and I think that it was because the endo removed was raw.

I would get it checked just to clear your head too❤️. It may be because you haven’t lifted much for a while and you stretched it, something as simple as that but Defo get it checked. Remember, my doc so no pain is acceptable regardless of what so checks are the best thing for us.

Let me know how you get on.


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Hey Starry!

I’ve been getting random pains like that. It could be caused by adhesions that formed while recovering (according to my doctor but that may not be your case!) and it can cause pain that shoots down due to the nerve endings. Not sure if that is the case for you. Just a thought!

So sorry you’ve been having such a rough time. Big big hugs to you x

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I had low level continuation of my pre op pain (not the period pain, but the day to day pain) in my right hip for 6-7 months after surgery. It's less now (9 months post op) but if I overdo it or get tired it comes back. I assumed it was due to the internal scarring still being sore. I think also that we are so used to looking for the pain and discomfort that we continue to do so and it takes a while to adjust. It's early days. x.

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Hi all, thanks for all your thoughtful replies. It wasn't a pain i had preoperatively, so I suspect it was either disused / pulled tummy muscles or adhesions as you guys speculate.

I'd have thought the norehisterone should be preventing menstrual cramps till I stop it and it wasn't that kind of pain.

Thankfully it seems to have settled back down after a couple of days so far, although I've not exactly done much exercise to test that out lol.

So hopefully just a mild pull rather than a worrying strain, so unless it comes back with avengeance, I should hopefully be ok to wait till my Consultant appt.

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