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Still in pain 4 months post op

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I’m really hoping that someone could help me. I had a laparoscopy operation at the end of September when they found it on the back of my uterus and a few other places. Since then I’ve still had pain in my lower back, hips and tops of thighs. I’ve spoken to my gynaecologist who has said they think it’s healing pain but I feel like the pain is getting worse the longer it’s going on. I also heavily bled for 11 weeks after surgery so was advised to double up on the progesterone only pill to try and stop it. Has anyone else experienced this ? Im worried that no one believes me as I should be feeling better after surgery but I’m not. It’s really starting to get me down 😞

10 Replies
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Hey, I'm sorry you're going through this. Who did the op, was it a general gynaecologist with endo understanding or a BSGE endo specialist?

Sadly the op doesn't help everyone, keep pushing for help and explain again that you feel the pain is getting worse. Normally it does hurt after the op. For example I had bowel endo and it hurt for 3 months after. I would describe it as moderate pain.

Has your GP given you a decent painkiller? Has the bleeding stopped? Worth trying something alternate if you can afford it, Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) may help with the pain and healing. Worth finding one with good understanding of endometriosis. My TCM specialist has changed my life.

Hope something works. Let us know how things go.

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Jodie08 in reply to TennisAM

Thank you for replying. I’m not really sure if I’m honest, I went for a private gynaecologist and i think he has a lot of understanding about it. I did expect the pain afterwards but like I said just seems to be getting worse really struggling with my back mainly. I will try to get in touch with them again but it seems a lot harder to Evan get to speak to a doctor at the minute. I have my painkillers from before I had my operation but I tend not to take them until later in the evening as I don’t like they way they make me feel and I have a 2 year old to look after. I will have a look for the Chinese medicine, I have never heard of it before so it will be something I look into. Thank you for your help xx

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TennisAM in reply to Jodie08

You're welcome. TCM specialist practice acupuncture and herbal medicine so best to ensure they are registered with the British acupuncture Council.

If you're in London I'm happy to suggest a good TCM specialist. Send me a private message and I'll give you the details. X

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Jodie08 in reply to TennisAM

Thank you xx

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I also had similar surgery to you I had mine just over 3 months ago now too taking strong co codamol painkillers and they not getting rid of pain either

When I spoke to my consultant he said can take an extra 2-3 months to properly heal

As I’m same as you worrying why I’m still in so much pain too

So I understand how you feel here if you want to talk x

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Jodie08 in reply to cathhomer

Thank you for replying, it’s interesting your experiencing the same thing as me. I’m worried that it’s coming back. Hopefully it is just healing pain just can’t understand why the pain seems to be getting worse instead of better. Think I’m going to get in touch with my GP and see what they say. Thank you same for you always good to talk to someone who understands xx

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This sounds horrible! So sorry you are going through it. Don’t let your gynaecologist off the hook - they must help you. Otherwise- go to a different gynaecologist. You are in pain, if medical professional doesn’t believe you - they are the problem. Ask your GP to do CA-125 blood tests - this marker will be increased if endometriosis is still present.

On subject of pain relief - Buscopan is a good addition to cocodamol, and a hot water bottle.

Hope you’ll feel better soon.

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Jodie08 in reply to Karo_Lee_Nah

Thank you so much ! I will definitely get in touch with my GP and ask for that. I have been taking painkillers and a hot water bottle which does help a bit with pain but I will try taking the buscopan aswell. Thank you xx

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Karo_Lee_Nah in reply to Jodie08

Hey, just checking in to see if been to your GP and if pain got any better. Sending hugs x

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Hi, I haven’t managed to get to speak to the doctors yet. My doctors are rubbish and don’t tend to take you seriously, hopefully I’llBe able to talk to someone soon. The pain unfortunately is still the same, really struggling with my back and hip pain. Thank you for checking up and asking me xx

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