Post op review at endo centre HELP!!

So today I saw a DR at an endo centre following my lap the bed of Feb this is the first time I have seen anyone at the hospital since. Basically I feel fobbed off he didn't even explain my operation and what they removed and said go back to my GP and get contraception... I'm still in pain throughout the month still have painful bowel movements... All I know is that the took a nodule out that was sticking my womb and bowel together he said I could have endo still deep in my womb but the contraceptive should help with that and if not go back to them in 6 months?!! I still feel so lost with it all no one has explained anything to me... Someone please offer advice it will be much appreciated x

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  • Hi, sorry your being treated like this, you would expect better from a specialist bsge centre, have you had a copy of your operation forms, if you can get them, maybe someone on here, especially a lady called Lindle could help you understand what was found and completed, I hope you get some releif soon, xx

  • It sounds like they were telling you that you have Adenomyosis?? If you don't feel fully informed call your consultants receptionist and ask for a copy of your operation report to be emailed to you.

    Good luck xx

  • I have the letter I got from them is that the same as a report?? There was no mention of adenomyosis just the endo between bowel and in two other places.... 

  • This was a BSGE centre.... I got operated on my a top endo surgeon! I'm just going to see my GP and see what she says she is a much better listener

  • Hi - the first review is 3 months after surgery so yours is actually sooner that normal. If your surgery was at the end of Feb this is very early days in terms of recovery. You have been told that your uterus was stuck to your bowel with a deep nodule involved and this is rectovaginal endo - the most complex there is. They will have cut very deep to remove the nodule. It is likely to have been on the uterosacral ligament on which a nerve runs so this will have been aggravated by surgery or may have already been affected by the endo. It may take a good 6 months for you to know if you feel any benefit. This is major surgery.

    They have also told you that you might have endo in your uterus (adenomyosis) and that can give the same sort of symptoms but there will be no way of knowing until a realistic period of time has passed so asking you to give it six months seems sensible advice. Also taking contraception after excision is good advice to try and prevent new endo from developing if retrograde menstruation is involved and if you do have adenomyosis then it might help with it.  

    Deep rectovaginal endo has taken many years to develop, most often due to years of failure to diagnose and treat properly in general gynaecology. Unfortunately the specialists in centres pick up the pieces but are not magicians. Give yourself some time and accept the advice as it does seem appropriate. 

  • Thanks kindle this is kinda what I needed to hear he really didn't help much and didn't listen... I know it's sooner than it should be but that was at my GPs request. I will see my GP this week and keep going.. He really didn't help me to understand my surgery and I think that's what I needed just for clarity...

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