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post op constipation...HELP!!

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hii all

I had my op two weeks ago...they didnt opt for the lap but went in for the slice!

I have a 10 inch cut and had 20 staples removed last week....that was painful and the bloody nurse was not sympathetic at all...

Anyways....had my ovary and fallopian tube removed along with the huge cyst that was attached. They also removed my 15cm diametre penduculated fibroid and then myomected (if there is such a word) the other huge firbroids too.

now that there is all this space inside my bladder and bowels cant seem to settle.

I am in extreme pain when emptying my bladder and my bowels dont want to do their job....:(

i am up and about but that still isnt diet is good but still no movement...

Can anyone suggest any remedies or any pills they know that work?


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My doctor gave me the senna tablets after my lap which are very natural and help with constipation. they didnt work 100% and then i went to the pharmacy and got a lactulose bottle and within 2 days everything worked fine.

It is very common after such surgery to have constipation as even if you have a good diet everything including the muscles in the abdomen are very sore to use.

Good luck and have a speedy recovery x

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Also prunes or prune juice is considered good for bowel movement, plus try to increase your intake in olive oil too. x

I agree with jojo777, it's a common problem and just makes you feel sore & uncomfortable

being on codeine made it more likely id get bunged up so i took some lactulose morning & night and that sorted me out. doesnt even taste too bad :)

i tried to eat quite a bit of fruit & drink plenty of water & cranberry juice which is supposed to be good for waterworks.

Hope this helps. Take it easy & get lots of rest xxx

wish you better soon !


God Bless and God help U too .


I nibbled on ryvita (only thing I felt like eating, and I had to eat because of the Tramadol) and when I could face food - lentil soup helped!

thank ladies

i took a huge dose of lactulose yesterday which helped shift it along.....will keep taking it at a maitainance dose now till my own body sorts itself

Try movelot, my gp recommended that for me

Sorry, I meant movicol

does it work for u monty?

Just been through somehing similar a few weeks ago. When I eventually went to the toilet it was agony, almost worse than op pain! Ended up with a fissure and piles. Take Dulcolax syrup which is a stool softener before you reach that stage plus prunes, prune juice, fresh organge with pulp and eating oranges making sure you eat the white pith too, plus fresh kiwis. Strongly recommend you do this now to prevent further problems which I have had. Wish someone had told me ??

thanks sarah

i had to have a double dose of dulcolax to move things and will go back on the lactulose as eating fruit alot again. ur right they dont tell u this at the hospital...that its a long process before the bowls get to normal

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