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Severe pain in the right pelvic during periods

I am 37 this year (2017). It is since April 2016 that I started feeling sharp and deep pain in my right pelvis and in the lower back, only during periods. The pain was really really intense and all I could do during periods was laying in bed and taking pain killers one after the other. My periods also became irregular. Sometimes they would be late (1.5 month), sometimes early (twice in a month). It was also the time as we started trying for another pregnancy. My menstrual cycle has always been very regular and normal. I have two children already and never had problem conceiving. Initially I discussed with friends/family ladies to figure out the possible reasons and tried some home remedies as well to get rid of the pain. Nothing worked. Went to gynaecologist. She suspected an ovarian cyst or endometrium and recommended a scan. I got a transvaginal USG done and it turned out to be a small size cyst in my right ovary. The gynocolgist told it was a harmless cyst that normally dissolves with in few months without any treatment. I kept suffering the intense pain for three more months with irregular periods. Now, after three months, another USG has revealed that the cyst is no more there. I am much surprised as the pain still has not even subsided. In fact it is getting more and more intense with time. Now the gynaecologist is of the view that it could be due to hormonal imbalance and has prescribes me Primolute N tablets....

Anyone with an advice or opinion about my problem and the treatment my gynaeologist has recommended. Moreover, I have been on the pregnancy plan throughout but no success so far. Is Primolute N ok for my pregnancy plan? Am I on the right track of treatment?

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Don't no much about primolute. But get yourself to A specialist and ask for larposcopy, endo can grow every where it doesn't have to be a cyst to be causing pain. Just a small amount in the wrong place can cause excruciating pain.

I was like you when I started ttc 4 years ago, terrible pain duiring period. Then it creeps to the week before, then 2 weeks before now I'm in constant pain all month. I can't work, I'm walking with crutches, and my insides are distroyed with endo. I'm on a 14 month wait list to get it removed! To little to late....My chance of becoming pregnant are little to none. Don't leave it to late get endo treated while time is on your side x good luck


Thanks Plbakker for your response. Feel sorry to know of your suffering and hope your surgery for endo removal goes all fine.


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