Flank/kidney pain before and during period

hi ladies,

I'm having a lap done in 3 weeks to hopefully diagnose suspected endo with possibility of excision. Also having a cystoscopy at the same time due to long term bladder problems (urgency,frequent urination and recurrent uti's)

I seem to have 7 average days a month where I feel ok but the other 3 weeks I feel dreadful, really lethargic and in pain. The worst being a deep sharp tugging sensation in my lower right abdomen which spreads into the groin/hip and down my thigh, I also experience what feels like kidney pain, front and back. I know this could be uti but it happens when my water samples have been clear of infection. Does anyone else feel like this? It's so odd to feel that kind of pain in that area before and during my period. Thanks for reading, I'd really appreciate any replies

Kay xx

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Hi Kay,

I have upper left quadrant pain, for some years now. I am currently waiting to see gyne I was diagnosed 7 years ago with endo after a hysterectomy. You might want to Google thoratic endo and see if you can relate to any of the symptoms.

Endo can spread to other parts of the body, and I have had a battle with my GP to convince them it can.

Hope this helps and all the best.


Thankyou for your reply, I will look into that. It's awful what endo does to your body but to have to battle with health professionals makes things a whole lot worse. I hope that you get on ok when you see Gynae and they can give you some answers xx

Hi Kay, I'm the same every month. I call it my good week, the kidney pain is a new symptom! like Tracey I can't get my GP or consultant to listen or believe me, so hopefully the operations will give you the answers and help. If it doesn't keep pushing for an answer and don't accept the usual it's a woman's problem just deal with it!

All the best

Nicole xx


Wow I say to my partner all the time I get my good week which I look forward to and it's usually once my period has stopped. There's a pattern every month so I know what's coming, it feels worse every month too, not sure if that is me growing tired of the pain though. I hope you also get some answers too. We know our bodies better than any doctor and I believe we know when something it truly wrong. Good luck on your journey I hope you find some relief eventually

Kay xx

All that pain can come from endo lesions.

You could ask for a renal function blood test, especially as you have had all those other bladder symptoms already, surely? I don't have any obvious symptoms with my bladder or uti's but have been having right flank pain, upper back and under my ribs for about the last year or so, mainly mid cycle during ovulation. I had a routine over 40 health check which included renal function blood test that came back abnormal. I told my gynae consultant about this combination of worries and an ultrasound and MRI have confirmed obstruction to my right kidney caused by my endo. Dont suffer in silence. Go back to your GP or consultant if you have one and insist on further exploration to find out what's going on. I know it's a pain to have to fight so hard all the time but we have to for own sakes. Good luck! X

Hi Kayleigh. Did you finally get any answers? I have exactly the same symptoms with the pain in my groin and thigh but this is the first place anyone else has mentioned it.

I've had it years and just been fobbed off with a uti everytime. I've had 2 ultrasound scans and apparently a renal scan at the same time which found nothing so I'm suspecting endometriosis.

I'm hoping you finally got answers as I'm struggling to even get anyone to listen to my symptoms and take them seriously.


Hi Claire I went to see an endometriosis specialists in Birmingham and he is doing a laparoscopy with the possibility of excision he believes that there is bladder and bowel involvement and this is where he thinks my pain could stem from I recommend that if you pursue The opinion of a gynaecologist make sure it is through an endo centre as they are trained to spot any Endo that a general gynaecologist would not be able to. I made that mistake I do hope that you get some answers very soon regards Kayleigh.

Hi Kayjade I am the exact same I have been ill for the past three years. It has really affected my quality of life. I have one week where I'm fine the others I'm in terrible pain sometimes awful pain and I have had to go to a&e. I had a laparoscopy a few weeks ago they said I don't have endo but I have adhesions on my appendix and colon. I'm really confused and I'm waiting to see a kidney specialist I have constant infections. And like you sometimes I have the pain with no infection. Always related to the time of the month. I hope you can get some answers

The pain you described is almost identical to mine. I've never met someone who has the same pain. The main difference I suppose is that I only get it on the first couple days of my cycle. The first day is extreme pain and the next day is uncomfortable.

I go to a Naturopath and awhile back he told me a bunch of foods that cause my issue. I was skeptical but I kept the foods out of my diet for a month and then two months and each time it got better. After awhile I was like I'm feelin pretty good now, I can probably cheat here and there and it will be fine but then the pain came back. My Naturopath was right, gotta get back on track!

Anyway, I would recommend trying holistic options like trying a couple different Naturopathic Doctors to see if you can find one who would be able to help you! I wish you blessings on this journey, may you find some relief from your pain! <3

Hi there ,

So your story sounds scary similar to my story however I don’t have the front or leg pain . I actually have one good week as well out of the entire month during pms I have hurendous right flank pain I can’t lay on the side sit leaning on that side without a dull deep deep ache I’m so sorry your going through this . I have had procedures done in the past that legally until it’s over with I can’t post anything but I believe that’s what stated this all for me and I do think there should be a way to Fix this we shouldnt have to just deal with it . God bless and hoping for the best !

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