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Right pelvic pain anyone?


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a sharp pain from time to time on my right lower abdomen, it feels like my ovary. I had a laparoscopy in 2013 and was found to have endometriosis but I’m fairly sure the surgeon said my ovaries looked healthy.

I’ve been a lot more aware of this pain since my son was stillborn in August 2019. We are currently ttc our rainbow and although we feel pregnant very quickly with my son, we are now on cycle 9 or 10 (I’ve lost count somewhat!) and struggling to get pregnant.

I have an app where I log my periods and any symptoms relevant to ttc and I’ve noticed that over the last 25 days I’ve logged right pelvic pain for 22 of those days. Can anyone comment on what this pain could be?

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Should probably have said that it’s not always a sharp shooting pain, sometimes it’s more like an ache or a throbbing sensation. I also have pain during sex almost like my husbands penis is knocking my ovary (sorry about the tmi!) Oddly the pain subsides when I get my period, it’s more throughout the rest of the month and doesn’t coincide with ovulation, it’s pretty much all of the time except on my period.

Your symptoms sound exactly like mine all on the right side to!

I have not had a recent diagnosis. My last lap was in 2015.

Since the birth of my son who is 18 months the pain is utterly horrific I’m currently waiting for an internal scan why I wait for the gynaecologist referral! I have been waiting since the beginning of 2020. Cheers. COVID-19 what treatment did they offer for your Endometriosis please xx

Prettythings1 thanks for your reply, it seems we do have some things in common. My son would have been 17 months this month. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been waiting so long. I was recently referred to a fertility clinic so who knows when I will actually get to speak to a specialist about this. To answer your question, when I had the laparoscopy the surgeon removed some of the endometriosis with a laser. But like I said in my post, I’m fairly sure he said my ovaries were clear. So I don’t know what this pain is or if it’s linked to endometriosis.

Thanks for your reply

It’s awful not knowing isn’t it!

I hope you get to see someone soon to xx

Cherry37 in reply to Ike_2019

Im so sorry to here you lost your son , i myself have been goin thru the same pain as you .. it only started thursday morning i was in hospital with it by saturday night! Im at the hospital today for a scan to see whats goin on .. myself had a scan 2 years ago when i was suffering from heavy bleeding they mentioned endo to me but i never follwed it up .. me and my partner have been trying for baby for bout 18months and not getting anywere so weve gave up .. as time is ticking for us.. im convinced im infertile .. ive had healthy pregnancies but the past 3 years have not been good ive misscarried also before i went for my scan 2 yrs ago.. hopefully il find out whats happening today and then be able to give some advice to you .

There's always a possibility that you are menopausal. I started mine at age 37 and early menopause is not in my family. At 37 I carried a child for 24 plus weeks and then became pregnant twice after that, miscarrying early on. In those days you weren't really offered any help but now, perhaps there are tests that can be done before you spend thousands of pounds.

Hi maggie .. yano thats crossed my mind about being menopausal .. my perods are coming every 26 days but are getting shorter ... when i go to my hospital appt this afternoon il ask them about things like that so i no were i am with myself .. im glad i became a member on this website as its a big help having advice off ladies like urself and to know im not the only 1 going through this confusion too... thankyou for ur advice il be sure to try and find out today whats goin on and il post and let you girls know as maybe me finding out may help with others problems and give them some advice . Thankyou 💟

I'm glad my comments helped. I had been going a bit crazy in the years prior to my pregnancy but there was no-one to talk to so I had no idea. You spend all your youth trying not to get pregnant and then ...

Yes very true then when your older and want to get pregnant problems arise 😕 thanks for ur reply ots nice to be able to talk to another woman about this as my partner doesnt understand fully... thanks again 😚

I'm so glad it helped. Any time. 😊

Thankyou so much 💖💖💖

MaggieSylvie I really hope that I am not menopausal at 34. This has worried me. I'm not sure what you mean by spending thousands of pounds, do you mean on fertility treatment?

Well, fertility treatment was not offered to me, and I was told to wait for at least six months before trying again after losing my baby! (precious time). But I understand it is very expensive and not guaranteed successful. I don't think many people go through menopause as early as 34 and I would expect you to have some symptoms. In my case, my crazy period didn't strike me as being a symptom. I really thought life was not good at that time.

MaggieSylvie ok thank you for the advice. From what I understand most people have to try for at least a year if under 35 and at least 6 months over 35 to be seen by fertility specialists. It hasn’t quite been a year for us but not far off, I don’t know if my GP maybe just felt sorry for me because we lost our only child and because my mental health is not great atm. So they agreed to do the referral before 12 months. When I go for my first appointment (whenever that may be!) it will probably have been a year by then or if not I’m going to tell a white lie and say it’s been a year of trying. I also don’t think we will have to pay, in my area if you need ivf you get one round on the nhs so it’s free, unless you have a living child already which I don’t.

That's good news. I don't hold out much hope for any non-covid appointments until the R number comes down, so you won't have to tell any lies. Good luck.

Ike_2019 in reply to Cherry37

Cherry37 I'm sorry to hear about your long ttc journey and your miscarriage. How did the scan go? That's bad that endo has been mentioned to you and then not followed up. That doesn't surprise me though, I never had my follow up appointment after my laparoscopy in 2013!

Cherry37 in reply to Ike_2019

Hiya well just got back from scan .. therv told me ive suffered a ruptured cyst .. they said my ovaries look normal.. i mentioned about endo and they told me that they cant diagnose it and that a visit to my doctors to tell them my symptoms for a proper diagnosis, theyv advised me to do this... the consultant sed that the pains should ease over the coming days but for the scan everything is as it should look i was so worried they were goin to find something that shudnt of been there tbh i had really bad anxiety laid on the scan bed..... thankyou for asking how it went that means alot ... and i hope u get the answers your looking for ... the only reason i think i gt strait in for a scan is because i ended up in a&e on saturday and they referred me overwise i think ide be sat waiting around for answers .. im goin to speak to my doctor about things obviously phone appointment cos of dreaded covid .. because i still need answers im no further forward with not knowing why i havent concieved in over 18months trying .. im just grateful that im ok ... thankyou for ur message xx

Ike_2019 in reply to Cherry37

Cherry37 im glad you have got some answers and that you’re no longer in pain. I hope that you fall pregnant soon 🤞

Cherry37 in reply to Ike_2019

Aw thankyou .. i hope u get your answers what you need .. thankyou hun 🤗😊


I get a really sharp pain every month on my right side, it is very painful and sharp I have flo so I check when ovulation is due and it says I’m in ovulation period but I didn’t think ovulation was this painful I also lost my son stillborn nearly 3 month ago and I’ve noticed this awful pain afterwards I never had this before or I would of noticed it might be normal but I certainly don’t think this is right. We’re trying to have a baby but not sure if it’s going to work because I don’t know what this pain is. I’ve searched all sorts and it comes up with endometriosis, so confused 😨

Brionyrapier thank you for your reply and I am so sorry about your son 💔 May I ask if your placenta was delivered normally? I only ask because a friend of mine had a stillborn daughter and had to have her placenta removed manually. The doctor didn't remove all of it and a few months down the line she needed an operation to remove it. She is pregnant now with her rainbow though, she's now reached her third trimester. Could you get back in touch with your obstetrics consultant and see if they can scan you? I don't think this is the problem with me though because my pain predates my son's birth and my pregnancy with him.

Go to the doctor and insist on a CT SCAN to rile things out Only then will you know

The rest is all guessing

Ike_2019 in reply to Supermary

Supermary Thanks for your reply. I am on a waiting list to see someone at my local fertility clinic so I would expect to have scans done once I can speak to someone there about my pain and inability to get pregnant this time round. If it's the endometriosis coming back or getting worse, I don't think a CT scan will pick it up though.

Supermary in reply to Ike_2019

It will if it is cancer Better to rule that out

Also blood work


Endometrial stage 4 cancer survivor ( to date ;) )

Ike_2019 in reply to Supermary

Supermary I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer. I have had blood work done but never had a CT scan. I will mention it to the fertility specialists when I see them, hopefully soon.

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