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Severe back pelvic pain


Hi all I have been suffering from severe back leg and hop pain for 1 year now I have pcos and think I may have endo? Has anyone had this severe pain before and is there any way to relive it?

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Hi, I have this pain and I find nothing really works to relieve it other then tramadol, which makes me feel really drowsy and useless. It's really hard I know I have tried all painkillers going but nothing helps. Sorry not to be of more help but I know what this pain is like, ask the doctor for something stronger - when it's really bad I also take morphine but then can't function at all! Good luck xx

Hi...I am suffering for the endo pain nearly 3 mos. you can't explain the pain all in your body are affected and in your daily life I have gnrh injection but not help for pain...

I really feel for you. I have suffered with severe lower back/pelvic pain for neatly 5 years now. I got diagnosed with stage 4 severe endo in November. I need another op to help clear it up in late April. In the meantime I am having monthly decapeptyl injections to put me into a temporary menopause. Doesn't help the pain though

Hi I also suffer severe back hip and pelvic pain, Im on fentanyl patches and take oral morphine but tbh it doesn't take all the pain away and I struggle to work with the pain.

I have severe endometriosis which causes mine, they tried injections into spine and that did nothing.

I have pain clinic 6 th Feb so hopefully they up my dose. Hope u get your pain sorted. X

I have been doing exercis called somatics and they have really helped although in pain all the time but nowhere near as bad. Awaiting full hysterectomy which I hope will help. X

I have that as well and it feels a lot like sciatica, I found put that its because you can have Endo on the sciatic nerve. Also it could be due to adenomyosis which is like Endo but its the tissue on the inside of the muscle wall of the uterus. This can cause pain in your back. I also have a retroflexed uterus which probably causes pain as mine is literally resting on my spine and bent over. I dont know what to use for the pain, usually I try to lie down in bed comfortably and get a rub off my fiance or put a heat pad on but do use as instructed as I slept with one to get to sleep and it burnt me really bad so use when conscious and dont use for too long.

Hope that made sense and helped,

Leya xx

Thanks everyone looks like nothing helps the pain and it's not just me I thought I was going mad I have the doctor tomorrow to hopefully get referred to a gyne to get this diagnosed as I'm positive it's endo


Just been to docs o told him everything and he's changed my pill I'm so angry!! He hasn't even recommended any other medication just told me to keep taking them I'm on co codimal tramadol and amytryptiline he wouldn't even give me a referral what are your thoughts? Is he right? Did any of you change your pill? X

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Personally I think you should have been referred. It's so difficult to get the correct investigations and treatment.

I get severe back and pelvic pàin and this radiates down my hip and leg. I find hot water bottles amazing.

Good luck.


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I would demand a referral because this isn't something you can ignore. I changed my pill but that was because apparently it would help stop my periods but it didn't. This isn't something normal like a cough and cold that you have antibiotics for and its all ok again, you need treatment for life for this and he needs to realise that. I hope you get some help soon hun and really push for the referral.

Thanks guys I know my body and know there is something serious going on I am now changing doctor surgeries as no one takes me seriously there, it's been going on for a year now and I want to know how serious it is as I might need to start trying for a baby as I'm only 23!! I will keep you posted xx

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