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Pelvic pain and pain under right rib AFTER period


Hi. I am wondering whether anyone else has had similar symptoms as (so far) the doctors haven’t identified the cause. At one point endometriosis was mentioned hence me posting here.

In the lead up to, and during my period I feel completely well and normal. However, the last day or so of my period (when I just have effectively brown spotting), I get pelvic pain on the right side and pain under my right rib. Both of which are like twinges that can be dull or sharp, but which are fairly constant. This pain goes on for about a week during which time I can also feel exhausted and just generally unwell (almost flu-like). Then, like I say, I can feel perfectly well for a couple of weeks and it all starts again after my next period.

My doctor suggested it was pudendal nerve damage and I have had a steroid injection for this. When administering this he said he could feel ‘thickening’ around the nerve. This injection hasn’t helped.

What I don’t understand is, if it is nerve damage, then why can I feel no pain at all during some of my cycle, but constant pain at other times. And why would I get pain under my right rib?

Apologies for the long post, but just hoping someone can relate to these symptoms. Thank you.

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I have just got discharged from hospital for severe pelvic pain which spread over to my ribs and back. I have been diagnosed with endo last year September and since then have been admitted in hospital 8 times staying up to a week and half. I have a cyst in my uterus and two in my left ovaries. They given me pain relief for the mean time whilst I wait for surgery. I would recommend you go to a gp and tell them you want to be referred to a gynaecology specialist unit for a internal transvaginal scan this will determine if you have a cyst, fibroid, PCOS or other issues. I was told by my gynaecology that getting pain during menstrual cycles is not normal at all. Which is a key sign that I should've taken note and gone to the doctor quick. I have been taught from school period pain is normal. But according to my specialist no period should be painful. That's a trigger point of other health issues. Hope you find the cause of yours. x

I have right sided pain which goes as far down as my right leg and up as far as under ribs. Am waiting results of latest MRI and an op date to remove ovaries as hyst didnt stop the endo 😢

KH509 in reply to EndoJaz

Sorry to hear that. Where is your endo? I was told that pelvic pain doesn’t refer up under your ribs and that I must have two separate issues going on. To me, I feel they must be linked as I only ever get the pain at the same time. Never one pain without the other.

Thanks for your reply.

EndoJaz in reply to KH509

They are thinking on ovaries and bowel, prevously on left pouch of douglas and uterosacral ligaments. Its scary to think it can grow anywhere. I thought after hyst I would be cured. Yeah pain is always together not separate. Hip pain too on right.

Although from my own experience (and what I've read) endo pain usually begins in ovulation, gradually intensifies and reaches a crescendo when your period hits, I do think what you are describing is very endo like. The symptoms are definitely the same as how endo sufferers would describe theirs including the flu-like stuff/exhaustion. The only difference would be that yours is primarily at the end of your cycle. However, I too have that, as well as upon ovulation, in the areas where I have the most endo tissue (for me it's my right ovary and then spreads out to basically everywhere, but my ovary is just covered). So my ovary starts to throb (up until I noticed my endo I didn't even know it was possible to FEEL an organ. It is). But as my period ends/just after it, the same sort of introductory throbbing returns in the same place, almost like a little goodbye, and the same horrible endo tissue/blood (that is different to period blood) begins to fall out of me. So although you are not having any pain before your period or during, it could quite easily be early symptoms of endo that has, and will gradually continue to, increased because the tissue once attached to parts outside of the womb keeps growing etc. Plus because it arrives within your cycle (albeit at the end), it is most likely related in some way and does smack of the endo.

KH509 in reply to Boothroyd

I really appreciate your response and must say I have wondered that. Do you mind me asking how endo blood differs from period? I have noticed that only recently I have started having brown spotting at the end of my period.

Thanks again.

Boothroyd in reply to KH509

Well I imagine it will be different for different women, but for me the endo blood is very distinct from what you would consider 'normal' period blood. That said, obviously, the 'normal' blood is simply fresh red blood, but that can also be attributed to the endo if the tissue is bleeding along side your period and so comes out with it. But for me personally, endo blood accompanies specific pain that is targeted in the areas where I know I have endo tissue (so my right ovary, and unfortunately everywhere, but ti always starts with my ovary, which is pretty much covered). The pain comes first, and what follows with come out of me after a little while; it is usually black or very dark brown, and although liquid accompanies it, for me it is mostly stringy rope or glue. When I am in the shower it almost just pours out of me, first like spider webs that are sticky, and then almost like saw dust. I know that of course most women have clots with their period, but this is very different because it can sometimes almost be dry and because it's so sticky (for want of a better word) it is painful as it comes out and actually hurts my vagina walls. Sorry for the graphic detail but it is what it is, and hopefully it will help you as you investigate - all just a point that occurred to me - when my symptoms became noticeable, aside from always having absolutely debilitating period pain, it began with brown spotting when I was not on my period. I went for an examination & smear and they found endo tissue all Over my cervix, and later on my ovary. So whatever your symptoms and however mild they may be, endo can be present for a long time before you finally think 'ok this isn't normal' because we get used to it all as the symptoms come on so gradually. If you think it could be endo then pursue it because even though there isn't much in terms of medical help, at least you will know. Good luck!

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