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Intense hip pain during period


Hi guys,

I’m new here and was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

I had excision surgery 9 weeks ago, mostly on my uterosacral ligaments and rectum along with some lasering of smaller areas around my pelvis.

I’m currently on my second period since surgery and whilst I don’t have my usual period pain anymore, I have a very intense pain over my right hip which shoots down into my groin and thigh. I've taken codeine and have a hot water bottle on it.

Could this be caused by nerves damaged during the surgery? Or possibly a problem with the ovary?

Thanks in advance

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Hiya, sorry to hear you are suffering with this! I’ve had pretty much the exact same op six weeks ago - excision of endo from the diaphragm, bowel, uterosacral ligaments and had pretty much all my pelvic peritoneum excised too. I get quite bad hip and leg pain still, I don’t think it’s nerve damage I think it’s just that the body is still healing. Do you know if they suspended your ovaries? I had both of mine done and I figured that probably contributed to hip pain too!! I think it’s just part of the healing process - I’m expecting my next couple of periods to be pretty painful still based on experiences I have read in this forum! Obviously if you’re really worried and painkillers don’t work talk to your gp xxx

Thank you so much for your reply!

Sorry to hear you’re going through something similar. I don't think I had my ovaries suspended but I imagine that would cause hip pain!

I’m sure you’re right about it being healing, it’s just strange to have a brand new pain! Think I'll contact the gp if it happens again next month.

On the plus side, my usual crippling period pain has pretty much disappeared! Fingers crossed it’s the same for you 🤞

That’s okay! Fingers crossed it will settle down for you, it may be that you’ve had endo removed that wasn’t actually causing pain but the scar tissue is hurting! But I know when I had endo and now after the op I’ve had really bad hip pain going down to my knees! Good news about the period pain improving!! I’ve only had one period which was painful still but a different sort of pain and without nausea and bowel symptoms etc so I’m hoping next month will be better! Try not to worry but monitor it and if it’s still happening after a month or two you could mention it to your gp as you say? Hope things settle down for you Xx

Yeah, before surgery I had pain everywhere really! In my back, down my legs, groin, pelvis etc. Maybe I notice it more now because it's just very intense pain in one spot! Thanks for the reassurance and I'll definitely visit the doc if it doesn't improve. Hope everything stays on track for you too xxx

Hi. I’m wondering if your pain resolved ? I have the exact same thing. Intense pain where the right ovary should be which goes to groin and down front of leg to knee. I’ve had it for a year now and excision surgery didn’t help. Progesterone pills don’t help. I’m waiting for full hysterectomy now but I’m not too hopeful. It feels to me like some endo implant is sitting on a nerve and I don’t know how a hysterectomy will help but I have no more options left. Hope your pain resolved ?

Hiya. I'm really sorry to hear you're struggling so much. That sounds very much like the pain that I had/have, and I know exactly what you mean about it feeling like an endo implant on the nerve. It's such an overwhelming pain. My consultant said that it could be that some endo was missed/left over after excision, but although I still get the pain, I would say that it has improved somewhat, which makes me think it was scar tissue/nerve damage from the op. When did you have excision surgery? I agree that I'm not sure a hysterectomy will help if it's endo on a nerve xxx

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