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Pain in rib cage and right shoulder before/during my period


I've been seeing doctors, consultants, having scans etc for the last year on and off. It all started as I kept getting a horrible ache/stabby pain under my right rib cage and deep in my right shoulder. After a few scans, they found a small hemoraghic cyst on my left ovary. I have had a scan since and it mentioned both ovaries appear normal, so I'm guessing it gone on it's own (maybe), but I'll find out more on Monday during my next consultation, whether it's still there or not I'm still getting the pain every month. I'm still completely baffled by the pain in my shoulder, it's every month either just before or during the first few days of my period. I've looked into a few things, but now I'm wondering whether it's possibly endometriosis and that is what maybe caused the cyst?

I'm very confused, and very fed up with it all. It's been a rough year and I just would like some answers. Any advice/ideas are very welcome.


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I have severe endo and it's in my diaphragm and lungs - this causes severe pain in right shoulder. What other symptoms do you have? X


Hi, I get the same pain as well. How did you find out endo is on your diaphragm and lung? I need to get to the bottom of it for my consultant to start thinking about treating me. x


I just found out during lap this week. Wasn't expecting it to be so bad. Was such a shock! X


Sorry to hear that. Hope Oxford will treat you well and look after well, too. x



I've been getting this pain on and off for the last 2 years although didn't think until recently that the 2 pain locations were connected. I've tried osteopath/physio & massage for the shoulder which helps to a degree.

Latterly I've been suffering with daily nausea. My consultant said the rib pain has nothing to do with endo so I'm off to see my GP on Monday to see what she suggests.

Would be interested to hear how you get on at your GP x


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