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Endo pain location?

Hello, I've yet to be diagnosed but I'm just wondering where everyone else gets their abdominal pain?

I get the usual period like pains near where all my reproductive organs are, but I'm also getting the same pain under my ribs, left and right of my belly button and I'm wondering if this could be endo, or if it's something else?

Just wondering as I'm only 20, I know about it spreading to other organs but I wasn't sure how long it took for this to happen / what organs in this area of my stomach it could effect.

I've had appendicitis before but this feels different to before.

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I get pain right side of belly button and left side rib pain too it's been driving me insane, I've googled so much I'm convinced it's my endo or scaring. Always feels like a sharp tugging pain but lately started feel like I've torn something near the belly button.


Yeah that's it! I feel like something's tugging from the inside, and I ran across the room the other day and it felt like something ripped? It just feels tight and odd if I sit a certain way. Haven't even been diagnosed with endo yet so have no idea what this is


I find the worst for me is when I'm bed lying on my side and then move suddenly, though few days ago I had the same pain but only when I walked. Are you due to see someone soon about getting a diagnoses?


Yeah me too and i naturally sleep on my side so it's really annoying. I'm going for ultrasound etc on Friday


Ultrasounds are not too reliable for diagnoses so don't get too disheartened if they don't see nothing. Best of luck though! x


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