Pain under ribcage

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else experiences pain under their rib cage before/during their period?

The past few months before my period I have been experiencing severe pain just under my ribcage it's mostly in the right side but can be in the left side occasionally.

I'm wondering is it to do with the endo on my bowels (which couldn't all be removed in my laparoscopy 2 years ago) as the pain feels similar to that of trapped wind.

Does anyone else get this?

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  • I was at my surgeon's office yesterday and I mentioned to him that I had been feeling pain around my ribs on the left side and it was more significant at period time than other times. I wondered if I had endo there as well. He said that you can get endo around the rib area but it is commonly on the right side rather than the left. You may want to discuss this with your specialist to see whether this could be the case. It may not be but I thought I would mention it given I had this exact conversation yesterday!

  • HI - I replied to you a year ago. You have rectovaginal endo and it is possible you have endo on the diaphragm as this can be associated with severe pelvic endo. Symptoms can include pain in the right shoulder and sometimes chest/rib area. Were you referred to a BSGE accredited endo centre as this is where you must be treated. I know you are in NI but women must be treated equally wherever they are in the UK. Will pm you.

  • Hi Lindle thanks for replying again! I was referred to an endo centre and have a review next week again was asking about this to know whether or not to bring it up with the consultant.

    Thank you for all the research you do to help us!

  • I'm glad you are now at the centre. With diaphragmatic endo it is very important that the procedure is done correctly as in the supine position on the operating table only the front of the diaphragm can be seen. The table should be tilted and the patients turned so the liver falls away.

  • Gr8 reply I have pain in my shoulder whenever period is due however this also started after my ops but it's now my trigger for AF. Do you really think it's the endo?

  • I have pain around right rib, am being investigated for diaphragm endo.

  • I have severe rectovaginal endo and get discomfort under my ribs on the right. My bsge centre checked my diaphragm and liver and they are clear so I assume it's pain from the bowels as the endo causes a lot of bowel symptoms. This area should definitely be checked though.

  • I suffer with this pain also, you are not alone. Sometimes the pain can be felt all down my right side stomach from ribs to pelvic area accompanied by nausea and sometimes trapped wind.

  • Hi, I to suffer with this ... but I have this on the left!!! I had a total hysterectomy, everything went, pouch of Douglas, tubes, both ovaries and cervix. I have/had endo on my bowel, bladder, my pouch of Douglas was obliterated and my ovaries were completely mush. They could not salvage either of them to prevent early menopause. I was not told about the reason for my cervix being removed. I have only seen my gynaecologist once since my 'big op' on 29/9/15. He referred me to the bowel surgeon who saw me just the once and that's it!!! I have been totally ignored and feel completely frustrated and at a loss as to where to go now? All I get now is... it's IBS...

  • If you are in the UK I assume this was done in a BSGE accredited centre and they should review you at 3, 6. 12 and 24 months after surgery by consultation and/or questionnaires.

  • thats awful - if it was IBS you would be treated better and people would be more understanding.

  • Yes after my ops I noticed I had this same pain I think it's actually trapped gas I always have it now.

  • From the ops

  • I had my op nearly 2 years ago and this pain has only been from November?

  • My pain started ages after as well and then just started to happen in line with when my period was due. However may not be that just letting you know what Dr's said my pain was. I know mines quite painful at times.

  • Yes pain under right rib pain in right shoulder for years now! Hoping BSGE surgeon finds the cause! Wish you well.

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