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Tmi alert !! Bowel pain

I have constant bowel pain and very loose stools all the time I have endo and adeno and now post ablation syndrome and am awaiting hysterectomybut still have couple months to wait ....its driving me crazy and I'm getting so skinny and weak even moving around the house exhausting . I self employed so it's getting impossible , I'm vegetarian and have eaten mostly organically for years + try not to eat processed food I've tried endo diet/ vegan diet / low fodmap diet / gluten free / dairy free / sugar free no change in symptoms really , then endless supplements good multivitamin , magnesium , turmeric, ginger, different teas , aloe Vera pro biotic , pre biotic , slippery elm and many more ........

any other ideas from anyone or similar stories ?

I take dihydraccodone paracetamol as a pain killer but it doesn't help that much and still doesn't calm my bowel down can hear my bowel churning all the time and go about 3-10 times a day very cramy and painful :(

Only thing that helps is hot water bottle , have tried gentle yoga as love it and practiced a lot for 10 years prior to this but even sitting upright is painful and any movement makes it worse 😖

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I'm in constant bowel pain too, my nutritionist helped she stopped me eating high sugar fruits and foods high in histamine! I stopped eating cucumber and tomatos and the pain is now better


Awe thankyou for that reply that's really interesting I will give it a try , how long did you do it before getting results? Many thanks


It only took about a week to start feeling better, how ever I am still in pain, but the loose stools have stopped and I've gained weight 😃 Hope this helps

It might be something your eating that your body just can't tolerate


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