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Sorry tmi but painful bowel movements

Morning ladies, hope everyone is okay.

I’m currently on holiday and just started my period 🙄 It’s not as painful as normal but very heavy to the point it’s like everywhere and like going down my leg. Gross I know 😫

Also going bathroom is so painful and makes me wanna cry but I also have really bad diarrhoea. Sorry tmi haha.

I really want to sunbathe but feel so awkward and uncomfortable

My bowels were checked and apparently had no endo in that area. Can painful bowel movement just be normal? Or could it have been missed?

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You poor thing. Loose bowels and painful bowel movements can be a result of inflammation in an adjacent area rather than endo on the bowel itself. My endo was found in my right utero-saceral ligament. This is close to your large intestine. Bowel issues were one of my primary symptoms.

I've still have them post surgery (but I'm only 5.5weeks post opp).

Your main concern is how to control it while on holiday. Any chemists near by? Buscopan cramps (an IBS medication) is helpful and can sometimes be purchased over the counter. Activated charcoal tablets can be useful for diarrhea whether from IBS or travellers tummy. Mine came from Holland&Barrett. I never travel without them, they literally saved me in Thailand. Also if you have diarrhea and its sunny make sure you keep drinking water/fluids as dehydration is an issue. Again a simple rehydration sachet from a chemist could be useful.

Hope things ease a little for you soon.

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Hi, potentially could have been missed. However having diarrhoea with period is a very common in general and can cause pain. It happens due to increased prostaglandin release, normal people get it too - just google 'prostaglandins diarrhoea' lots of scientific papers documenting it, so don't be too worried as yet. Just enjoy your holiday x

p.s. try lilets non-applicator tampons - they have super, super plus, super plus extra and ultra absorbency. I always found Tampax rubbish as they don't go up to high enough absorbency and expand more length ways than width = leaks. Lilets are great and very comfortable with endo.


I see my surgeon next month so I’m gonna tell him that I haven’t seen improvements to my pain or symptoms and I had a lap 5/6 months ago now.

Yeah I knew I might have got my period on holiday but it’s not as bad as it is at home. Maybe the sun helps a little haha xxx


After the lap, the nurse didn’t mention adhesions and said there was only a bit of endo on like my ovaries and that area like tubes etc.

I’ll have to ask at my next appointment xx


Deffo follow up with your Gynae and keep on at them iv had to be so forceful over the years!!... it could be anything! Bodies with endo surprise us in many ways. I hope it starts to improve for you

I know how tough it can be! X x


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