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TMI warning.. Haven't opened my bowels in 4 to 5 days

As the title suggests, I haven't been able to have a bowel movement for quite a few days.

I have quite a large cyst on my left ovary, which is stuck to the back of my uterus. My operation for removal isn't until January. And I've been experiencing more pain that usual for the past week, every movement I make it hurts because I can feel pulling and cramping.

Could my lack of bowel movements be down to the cyst? And when should I start worrying? I usually go every day, although I am usually constipated and my stool is always very dry.

I have a syrup solution (not sure of the name.. but it is very very sweet tasting) which has no affect. And I was planning on taking movlicon this evening after work to see if that has any affect. Don't quite understand where all my food is going, I don't even feel like I want to go..

Has anyone else been through something similar?

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Have had this before. Don't really think it would be the cyst, more likely meds you're on. If you're on a lot of pain meds esp codeine or opiate based like cocodamol or tramadol this can cause major constipation. The sweet syrup was probably lactulose, it's ok but not that effective if you want fast relief. Personally have found taking over the counter dulcolax to be more effective when really uncomfortable. X


Yes! That's it. Lactose. Which did absolutely nothing at all.

Will definitely try dulcolax, thank you for the reply xx


No probs. Try drinking peppermint tea, I drink twinnings and for me it is more effective than buscopan for bowel cramps. Also brown rice, whole meal bread, fruit/veg and cut out dairy/red meat can help calm your tummy xxx

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I also am going through the same thing.I gave not had a bowel movement for over 7 days now.This is becoming a regular thing and I am becoming concerned what this would be doing to my bowels and body.Two days ago I used four microlax enemas and took a dose of lactulose aswell and still not a thing.I am at a loss as what to do next as I have tried a gammut of things with no success.I am on opiate pain medication for a past mastectomy and know this is what is causing the problem but cannot stop meds at the moment due to high pain levels.Any advice on a strong laxative that may help would be greatly appreciated.


The above lady recommended dulcolax from the pharmacy. Might be worth a try.

My mum mentioned that year ago you could get something from the pharmacy the that looked like a little chocolate. And how it even tasted great. She swore by it. But my local pharmacy have removed it from the shelves.

Have you gone to your doctor?

I think if I don't go in a few days, then I will make an appointment x


I'm on ducosate 6 a day and Senna 4 a day as dulcolax stopped working which I got on prescription! I also take movicol satchets as the endo on bowel and both ovaries and womb does affect motions or lack of them, my op was due on 1 Dec and was cancelled the reason was bed pressures don't have another date yet


I took senokot liquid which I got over the counter. It said to take 2 5ml spoons, I took 3 and it took 24 hours to work but it did eventual do the trick. I pray I don't have endo on my bowel, that is my worse fear.

Sorry your operation was cancelled, hopefully you get another date soon. Must be awful when that happens as you would have mental prepared yourself.


Hi. I took lactose and it works by absorbing more liquid in your food so make sure you drink loads of water with a meal after you've taken it. I had to take codeine a while back which made me really constipated. To be honest lactose was hit and miss but I started taking prune juice in the evening and by the morning I had results (sorry tmi). Be careful when you take it though as I didn't want to be caught short at work, so avoided it in the morning! Good luck.


I might try prune juice, the senokot took a whole day to work, I took it on Saturday thinking it would work straight away. If i had known it would take that long I would have taken it on Friday after work.

How much prune juice do you drink for it to be effective?

I also bought myself some fig rolls because always make me go! Lol


Well, I also have problems having bowel movements and I think i didi some major damage by straining so much. I also had or have a cyst on my left ovary. I've learned when u ask to keep one ovary after a hysterectomy it will more than likely develop a cyst. I'm getting the bitch out. I'm seeing a colorectal specialist who is a woman but she also is a general surgeon that can remove reproductive organs. Shes into robotic assisted surgery and seems highly qualified. My gyno says he thinks I'm going to need a bowel resection. I hope not as I am like u hoping this ovary is causing constipation. Hope she can do a laparascopy on me. I'm not settling for just a colonoscopy. I know I need both and i will tell her. I can hardly sit on my ass at times. I'm scarred shitless. 25 yrs of pain and no life. I'm bloated all the time. But this just happened a little less than a month ago. I was.doing okay for a while but wanted to get on some hormones after coming off the pill. The dumb ass girl i went to gave me a combo of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. In told her I can't have estrogen bcu I have endo. She didn't listen and I also didn't want any testosterone. I just wanted progesterone but she wldnt listen. So I'm thinking the estrogen caused me to relapse. Now I'm only taking progesterone. Get ur bowels checked not byba regular gyno either. They can't remove endo on the bowel and don't let them tell u they can. Its a delicate procedure that takes major skill. Do your research. U dont want ur bowels ruined. God bless. This disease has caused me major isolation.


I have found cleansemore tablets to work well for constipation. Miralax can b bad for kidneys. Dulcolax is good too. U can get cleansemore from whole foods or health food stores


Yes, going through it now. U probably have nerve damage from straining to pass hard stools. I lost all sensation too. I have endo in my bowels and probably rectum. I can't wait more than 2 days to have a bowel movement. I'm taking laxatives every 2 days bcuz the pain in my rectum is so bad. U may have hemorrhoids secondary to endo from all the straining. I have the shit on my bladder as well. I had to run to gyno bcuz rectum and bladder were both inflammed. U need a major specialist to treat u. I'm going to a colorectal doctor who can also refer me to a gyno in the practice. I'm going to a cancer center to treat my endo. But i will demand a laparoscopy b4 a colonoscopy bcuz the colonoscopy will only show if the endo has perforated the bowel and then they may tell u that u need a bowel resection. If u go with a laparoscopy first and the gyno team is skilled enough they can remove it even if it has perforated the bowel wall. If its too deep ur screwed. But at least if u have the lap done first they can look for endo everywhere where the colorectal doc can only see if it perforated colon. Sorry its alot of info. But I've been dealing with this over 25 yrs. Best of luck.


Sorry your endo is causing you so much pain and upset.

I haven't been straining that much.. well I don't think I have. And recently I have no urge to go, no pain in the bowel/rectum areas. This week has very much been like the previous, I haven't been all week. And when I get home from work tonight I will take senokot. And hopefully that works for me again.

I am being seen at BSGE hospital, and my constant seems to think there isn't any endometriosis on my bowel. And I hope and pray he is right. But my second lap is early next year so I guess I will know a bit more then.

And don't apologise for the amount of info. I appreciate it.


I use cleanse more available at health food stores and dulcolax. Also milk of magnesia. I alternate 2 dulcolax with either milk of magnesia or 2 dulcolax with I cleansemore pill


Does the cleansemore work on its own?


I usually take one cleansemore pill and one dulcolax. They say you can take up to two cleansemore I never had, i hate having to use laxatives but there is so much pain in my rectum i can't wait two or three days to try and go on my own. I went to the doctor today and demanded an M.R.I. on the vaginal/rectal septum. U must research and tell them what u want. My doctor has a PH.D. but he's still not doing all that he can for my health. There is a chance that if u have alot of adhesions it won't show the endo, but I"ll take the chance.


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