pain when emptying bowels

Oh my goodness. Does anyone else suffer from this? I have had endometriosis for about 15 years. I have had all sorts of treatments and now have the Mirena coil which I must say for me has been amazing. When I need to empty my bowels though I feel like I am in labour again and I even have to do some deep breathing to get through it! It can come on very suddenly and I find myself doubled over with pain and sometimes I have to bite on something to get through it! I think that I have some of the endo attached to my bowels. Any advice?

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I used to have excruciating pain when going to the toilet. It was so bad that it would render me immobile, doubled up on the toilet floor. Upon investigation, the doctors discovered that I had endo in my bowels. I had to undergo a bowel resection and part of my colon and rectum were removed. I think you should see your doctor quickly to prevent it from progressing further. I wish you all the best....

Oh my goodness! I am actually booked in next week so I will mention it to him and see what the recommendation is. Many thanks

Yes! Its horrific. Similar to labour! I had exact same rectal pain when I was having contractions. Will see what the lap says but won't be surprised if on my bowel.

I too have this pain. just horrific, i am awaiting my lap for diagnosis but wont be suprised if its on my bowel :( x

I have this too, also when my sstomach is empty or full or my bladder too. I have no idea how to stop this though :-(

Hi there, so sorry you have this. I used to get it, but since finding a treatment that works for me it is better. Was awful with ovulation pain too. The main thing is too keep hydrated, I found when i took lots of Codeine for the pain I got constipated too so just make sure you are eating lots of fibre and drinking lots of fluid to keep everything soft and moving. I hope you get some relief soon!

Big hugs

Jen xx

That is very interesting to hear about the codeine. I also get migraines with my periods so I do tend to take codeine. thank you very much for the advice

Yes, Migraine for me too but my pharmacist told me that Codéine can actually cause migraine especially if you take it for several days non stop. I stopped Microgynon because of migraine, was better on Cerazette. Good luck :0)

Hi! I indeed to suffer with a very similar pain but not with every bowel movement. I had a colonoscopy a few years but nothing was found and during my last lap again only mild endo was found but since having the mirena inserted back in June I have been getting this pain a bit more regularly again especially when I am on my period, I have had the mirena checked internally and by ultrasound both adominally and internally but again nothing has been found. I also suffer with severe mid cycle pain on both sides every month but I have noticed the extra pain then! So goodness knows what causes this pain in my case but you are certainly not alone. I hope you get your pain sorted x

I feel for you as the pain is awful. For me it was like daggers going up the bottom! Just awful. like your first reply, I had bowel surgery about 10 years ago for it. Have had several lap's since, and just about to have bowel surgery again in Jan/Feb as all stuck again.

I would def. recommend you see you gene asap to proceed with another lap to diagnose it's now on the bowel and then both your gene and bowel surgeon will do the surgery together. If you are going through NHS, move now as all this takes time whilst your pain gets worse.


I am newly diagnosed and have this exact problem. Only when on my period but the pain is so bad I have almost passed out several times :( I also get rectal pain like a knife going up my bum. It's horrible and I can absolutely sympathise. My next appointment is early Jan, hoping for answers on next steps. Wish you all the best x

Hi - I too have had this pain! They recently found endo on my bowel, and that my ovary was stuck to it too. Pain in my abdomen before a bowel movement, and on my period my god the pain in my bottom when moving bowels is excruciating! Now sometimes even sitting down can cause me to have a shooting pain in my rectum - not fun. I have found keeping hydrated helps and when I'm 'on' and not eating anything that irritates my insides too much (such as chilli, too much gluten, alcohol etc.). But nothing works too well, not just hoping that the lap will help to ease some of the symptoms! Hope you find a solution soon.

Thank you so much for the advice. I'm so sorry that you too have the same pains but it is good to hear someone is in a similar position. I guess it makes sense to stay hydrated etc. x

Thank you everyone for your help and advice but most of all for your support. x x

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