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Bowel pain attacks!!

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Mostly around my period time I seem to get constipation and then attacks of bowel cramps and period pain! It sometimes Get so bad it takes my breath away and I'm not sure what to do with myself.

Does anyone else suffer from this!? Not sure if it's normal?

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Unfortunately for some of us bowel symptoms are normal. They could be caused by endometriosis directly on the bowel, but inflammation from endometriosis nearby could also be triggering those symptoms. This article explains it all in details, and gives other possible explanations for these sorts of symptoms...

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amie1 in reply to MariBiscuits

Oh thank you. It's scary at times I just had a bad one and was at one point I wanted to call an ambulance. I will have a look thanks again.

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MariBiscuits in reply to amie1

It can get scary. I get pretty bad bowel symptoms before my period (have a history of endo and a LOT of adhesion on the left side all round my bowel), and ended up in the hospital with a suspected obstruction a few months ago. Never been so sick in my life, but fortunately it cleared.

You might find adjusting your diet a little when the symptoms flare up might help. As it seems to happen around the same time every month for me, I know to stick to easy to digest foods around that time... and if it gets really bad I switch to a liquid diet for a couple of days (using meal replacement shakes to ensure I am getting enough of everything you need).

I'd say it's definitely worth discussing these symptoms with your specialist. Just don't let them fob you off with an IBS diagnosis. IBS isn't really a proper diagnosis... it's just an umbrella term for a set of symptoms with an unknown cause, and many women with endometriosis are told they have IBS... but obviously if the endo is causing those symptoms, the cause isn't unknown, and treatment/surgery could help resolve the problem.

Yeah it's definitely around my period time each month. I had surgery in may to remove extensive endo. And the pain did get better for a while. But now I feel it's coming back. What type of food do you eat? I struggle with what to avoid.

Yep. I called off of work yesterday because I thought i was going to throw up from the pains. And of course when the lower intestines hurt and cramp, it likes to set my endo off. (or it could all be together, like a planned attack. I will never know). Today hurts too, but i can handle the medium endo pain and should be able to go to work today.

This is my first post to the site. I too have horrific bowel pain every month. I feel like I have contraction type pain that make me throw up. I am unable to function for 3 days. It has taken me two long years and numerous tests with little answers until I diagnosed myself from the Internet.

I wonder if anyone who suffers from this can assure me this pain goes after a hysterectomy.

It's awfully but I try my best to ignore it until the breaking point like this. I was off sick for 8 months being diagnosed and having surgery. Which I must admit did improve things a lot I'm just hoping it's not going to start back up again. Good luck with the hysterectomy I hope it does improve it for you. And I hope you get back to work.

It depends what's causing the pain. Are they suggesting a hyst because of a problem with your uterus (such as adenomyosis)? If they are suggesting it purely for endometriosis, I would recommend getting a second opinion, as a hysterectomy is not the ideal option (although unfortunately many specialists do recommend it).

If you have a hysterectomy, but the endometriosis elsewhere is not fully excised, there is a chance you will continue to have pain and symptoms, as the endometriosis creates it's own oestrogen, so can continue to cause problems even after a hyst.

If on the other hand, all your endometriosis is fully excised, a hysterectomy shouldn't be necessary, unless you also have adenomyosis or some other uterine problem that can't be resolved any other way.

I totally understand the desire to have the surgery in the hope that it will resolve things, and I was saying the same thing myself a few years ago, however since then I have learned a lot more.. and met a number of women who are still suffering with endometriosis pain post hyst, so I would definitely recommend seeking out an experienced specialist for a second opinion.

Obviously if you do ave adenomyosis, then a hyst might be an option to consider, and if the adeno is contributing to the bowel symptoms, it could help with that.

Oh my gosh. These are all new words to me..looks like I need to do some research and pretty quick.

Having a bad day today with bowel pain like Aime1 and in desperation come across this forum.

I'm sorry that so many ladies are affected. It is not nice at all and hard to not let it get you down.

off to do lots of research especially around a special diet.

Hope u feel better soon all and only a couple of days then perhaps like me you have 3 weeks before hell strikes again.

Hi. Same here for me...

I have awful troubles with my bowel movements. I eat all bran every day to keep thing moving, but still have pains every morning.. At time of month, I literally sit on loo screaming. Eating all bran for me helps, if I miss a day, I go to Completly constipated, and have the awful pain no matter what time if month it is.

I was also advised to eat no high GI (Glycaemic index) foods. A list can be found online , I've been doing this for last 5 weeks and it seems to be helping.

Yeah, when I was still trying to get a diagnosis my GP told me it was IBS. The practise nurse once told me that my bowel pain and period symptoms were just a coincidence as they arent connected. After a lap it was confirmed endo was on the outside of my bowel. So she was wrong. As they so often can be. I hope you get this sorted soon, definitely speak to your consultant about it x

Thank you. The last time I saw him I did mention it and he said if it gets worse I may need more surgery. I really want to avoid that tho. So will look into diet stuff.

Hey lovely.

No constipation for me but diarrhoea when on my period and the rest of the time I experience cramping in my bowels and the urgent need to go! It's very common unfortunately from which is what I see on here which is why most of us (myself included) get fobbed off with an IBS diagnosis!


I am in the same boat as you! I haven't opened my bowels probably in over a week and my Endo symptoms have been awful the last few weeks. Had an opeation last year and have been referred back to my specialist :( I really don't want another operation!



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