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So angry!!!! Admitted into hospital Tuesday told Saturday night I would have surgery Sunday, Sunday they cancle it and tell me they don't think they want to operate. Then this morning I'm about to eat cornflakes and I'm told not to eat because I'm nil by mouth because they are operating. They then come to me at 4pm and tell me thay I won't be having the operation. She then tells me I need to lose weight, I need to research my condition and accept there is no cure and I have to choose either the coil or menopause injections.

What the hell!!!!! Anyone ever gone private and if so can any give me a idea on cost of consultations or any insurances which are good to cover costs.

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Hi sorry to hear you've been having a rubbish time! I was diagnosed last year and went privately through Bupa. I pay approx £40 a month and had to pay a £250 excess when I had the operation. It may be worth you looking into this however I'm unsure if they are willing to treat pre-existing medical conditions but if you haven't been diagnosed I don't think this will be too much of an issue.

Hope everything gets sorted.

Lucy x

Hi Hun have been seeing a genera gynaecologist or a specialist at a BSGE centre? Also how old are you? Any hormone treatment will only help deal with symptoms not cure so the nurse is the one who needs to educate herself not you. I'm so sorry you are going through this, it's crap I know.

kayjayne in reply to JeanOsborne

General gynaecologist and I am 25. She told me how I'm not in a rush to have kids..... I will have kids whenever I bloody want to. I am so annoyed

That's terrible! The contraceptives only mask symptoms and make them less bothersome! The surgery helps pain too and also helps fertility! I'm shocked you got spoken to this way! Have you seen an endometriosis specialist at the hospital or just a gyno?

Hi. You must be so frustrated it's like being on a really bad roller coaster ( I had a similar experience in sept). Has your pain improved at all? Really don't be fobbed off and stand your ground, ask to have a second opinion Google the head gyne and name the person you want to see.

As for private, my initial surgery was emergency nhs. They then referred me but a paperwork glitch meant they hadn't. Used the cover and had an appointment with the specialist of my choice the same day. I do need further surgery which due to the complications I will have to have done through the nhs as it's better equipped for the various outcomes .

Good luck and stand your ground. Xx

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