Feeling angry

Does any one else feel annoyed with family, i don't want Hormone treatment because of side effects and some annoying people in my family make me feel I should take it if it will stop me always being ill, it make me think I am a burden to them and From now on I am going to suffer in silences maybe I go on about it to much, but I dont tell anybody except them when I am having a bad day so not to get on their nerves and sound like a hypochondriac, I hate having the bloody disease.

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  • Hi Hun I'm sorry you are not getting the support you need. You need to do what is right for you. You are stronger than you think and you will get through this . Stay strong and keep fighting.

  • Thank you so much for your message x

  • It's so hard when family don't know what your going through. Mine don't even talk about it or ask how I'm doing. So I just don't talk about it. My hubby to s supportive but he gets annoyed more because he can't do anything. But t when he comes back from work and the house is a mess coz I can't move he's huffy. I just ignore it now haha.bthis site really helps

  • Hi babe I know exactly what you mean I felt really bullied into having zoladex and I really didn't want it it didn't even work after all the side effects! So you do what you want it's your body x

  • Thanks for the replies, so nice to know you understands, it's made me feel better x

  • hi Kel72 i know i don't need Hormone treatment with being a man but with regards to family mine hasn't spoken to me in 15 years, i know the old saying you can choose your friends but not your family, mine was the other way around, my friends are now on this forum, i hope all goes well take care.....Alan

  • It's so hard when people don't understand especially when they should be making the effort to. Don't be pressurised into anything. It is your body not theirs. Maybe show your family some literature on endometriosis so they can see just how serious an affect it can have on people's lives. Maybe consider joining a local endo support group if there is one near you to get support from those in the know. Stay strong, take care :-)

  • Some of my extended family have suggested hormones, they read the daily mail & think it cures it! In 20 years of being diagnosed the only time I did consider it was after I had my 1st baby (I thought I owed it to him to try anything?!) but as it was they accidentally cut my womb during ablation & couldn't put the mirena in! (We then fell naturally with our second child!) I'd always not wanted hormones just because of the side effects & i just felt I was covering up what was happening with my body. At least when i take pain meds I know where I'm at...personally I think it's my body, I don't feel comfortable with contraceptives & it pisses me off when Drs & others suggest that I should have them! It's not a cure! It helps for some & each to there own but personally it's not how I've wanted to manage it.

    We don't always respect what others opinions are when it comes to health advice. Your family may feel a little futile in being able to help you too so suggesting the hormone therapy may be their only 'help'!? Ultimately it's your body & your choice & they need to respect that. Good luck xx

  • I lost a few friends and was sick of my family moaning to go on hormones I told them I didn't want to and to stop giving me a hard time and friends moaning when I had to cancel due the pain I was in and my family moaning cause house work not being done so told them I have a incurable disease and if u come to have a moan at me then piss off I said if u cant accept me at my worse you don't deserve me at my best xx

  • God help you its terrible when people dont get it. They just dont realise how hard it can be. I did have the prostap injection over the years they did help. Then i was on them over 2 years without a break had hysterectomy in Dec past. But the pains are back and cramps etc now they think i also have inflamatory bowel disease..

    So the prostap did help but also masked other problems. You need to do what is right for you. But dont bottle things up everyone needs family and friends on their side.

    Take care

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