ESA assement, nervous!

Hi ladies has anyone got any advice, I have just been called to say that I will need my first health assessment as I'm claiming ESA. Iv heard how hard these can be and I'm so nervous there going to tell me I can work. Has anyone got any advice or tips so I can get them to understand our condition and not just brush it off because I'm not physically disabled, I'm so nervous especially with Christmas coming up I'm scared they will just stop my payments because they think I'm capable of work, I know I'm not but I can come across a very positive person which in this case will not work in my favour!

I Hope everyone is well :) xx

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  • Hi,

    I've been claiming ESA and had a health assessment done recently and received a letter today stating that just because I suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts and bad anxiety and can't leave the house without someone with me that I am able to work. They didn't even mention anything about my endo, or that I'm going to have an operation, or that I'm in agony day and night, can't sleep, can't eat solid foods, I have celiac disease and painful disc protrusion.

    I know that I can't work, yes I can answer my phone, yes I can have a conversation with someone. I have to attend meetings with the job centre because if I don't I have been told they will stop my benefits because I can do those things they have stopped my benefits and said look for work. I'm going to try and appeal and try to change their minds.

    I usually take my hubby with me to every appointment I have, on this occasion I couldn't because he was sleeping after working a night shift, so I took my daughter with me instead. I couldn't do the test they gave me as I'm on morphine patch my concentration is terrible, I couldn't even do the exercises they gave me as I was in agony that day.

    Still they say I'm fit to work, my GP knows about my situation and he agrees that I can't work.

    They are getting really strict now as they want people off benefits.

    Sorry I know I'm not helping you, maybe someone else has had better experience than me.


  • Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to hear this! That is absolutely discusting that they have said your fit to work how on earth can you work when you feel like that day in day out. I also suffer with depression and waiting for my operation for endo. I'm not sure I really stand a chance then if they are getting stricter. I am so sorry once again that your going through that it's all you need with being ill. I really wish this disease was recognised makes me so sad and angry we have to suffer. Thank you for you reply x

  • Your welcome. You might be luckier than me and still get a chance at claiming ESA as its your first health assessment. I wish it was recognised more seriously than just period pains.

    I have had numerous operations, nearly every year. I'm waiting for an operation date. For each operation I have, it takes me longer to recover as my immune system is very weak. I know no now will hire me as I know I won't be in work everyday.

    Endo is horrible I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.


  • Sweety!! Thats just unbelievable!! Are they crazy?? Or just plain heartless!!

  • I don't know what to do, i have no money now to buy food or medicine, the lady giving me the assessment could clearly see I was in pain and couldn't do the things she asked me to do.

    Just because I can answer my phone doesn't mean I can go out and get a job. I feel even more depressed and stressed, I know some people have committed suicide because they have had their benefits stopped, I don't want to do that.


  • Certainly DONT look confident!! & dont go in to well dressed!! Just cry!!ha!!

  • I feel so awful they have said your fit to work keep contesting it Hun! Please try and keep your chin up to I know it's hard and easier said than done. But having endo as well as everything else is so difficult keep going though I hope everything gets better for you xx

  • Thank you, I'm going to appeal and try and get the decision changed. In my letter they sent me it just stated that I'm just feeling depressed with suicidal thoughts, the letter didn't even mention me having endo, or that I'm going to have another operation, or the fact I'm on strong painkillers (morphine) I can't function properly, remember things, concentrate on things or enjoy what I used to do. Just because I can answer my phone they said I'm fit to work😔


  • You have to tel them how the endo affects your day yo day life as ability to do things especially your ability to concentrate. Losing your focus during the interviewmay help,get up and move around don't sit in pain, have someone in the I ter view with you, take all your medical letters with you. Remember they are watching you from the moment you enter the car park. Pain isn't a barrier to working, it's how it affects your ability to concentrate and complete tasks. Read up on the descriptors goggle how to pas the esa assessment. There is stuf out there that can explain it to you and what they are looking for/really asking. Good luck. X

  • Sorry you're having such trouble claiming. I've claimed for PIP (used to be called disability living allowance) for endo pain and restrictions that causes. They turned me down and I've been told to appeal so I am. You MUST appeal decision as I think it's about 75% are awarded at appeal.

    I know esa is diff to PIP but I think the health assessments are similar (if not identical) If you google PIP statements to use or similar you will find a list of the things you need to say to get make sure you don't over state what you can do and focus on more what you can't do.

    It really shouldnt be this hard but unfortunately it's just another bit of admin us endo warriors have to fight.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Sophie

    I Had my assessment yesterday. It wasn't a great experience, I have to say. I did have a lovely nurse who was kind to me through out the assessment. But after waiting an hour and half in the waiting room, I was a wreck! It probably best you take someone with you who sees your daily struggle(stupidly I didn't)

    write a list of how Endo effects your life. I forgot to mention so many things as fell apart completely, and I don't think this will work in my favour. As I left she told me that I would hear in two weeks and to fight the decision if I wasn't happy!!? (Mentioning the Cab)

    I read that to mean the outcome would be against me. I think she wanted to prepare me for the worst.

    Try also to get a letter from your doctor stating how your'e unable to work.

    Sadly until Endo/Adenomyosis is classed as a disability this battle with Esa will continue.

    I hope I have helped in some way. Please try not to worry too much. As this doesn't help in the long run. I know it easier said, than done.

    I wish you luck and truly hope it works in your favour.

    Big group hug to all


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