Flexi Sigmoidoscopy

Had this procedure this morning and wanted to report that it was absolutely fine! I’d read a lot of negative stories online but I shouldn’t have worried. It was far easier than trying to have my Mirena removed! I didn’t have sedation, just a little gas and air and it wasn’t bad at all. So if you need to have this procedure please try not to worry! Xxx

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Well done Janine. i managed without sedation myself and felt so much better for it afterwards. Did they see anything to help explain your symptoms?

Mine was to check if my endo had gone inside my bowel, it hasn’t, so I was really pleased! Xxx

thats what mine was for too. u must be so relieved x

Hi. Really pleased you've had a good result with this. May I ask if you needed to have any prep before this such as a laxative? Xx

I had to take two tablets two evenings before, I think they were dulcolax, then moviprep the evening before. I was expecting the bowel prep to be awful but it really wasn’t too bad at all xxx

Thank you for letting me know x

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