Bad stomach /Constipation


Basically I have two main pains on my vagina more on the pubic bone if I was explaining. I also get flare ups barb wire type feeling all over vagina, groin.

Also I get bad flare up barb wire feeling in belly and constipated. it is absolutely awful. is this normal for endo?

I have not had a laproscopy. the gynie wants me to be on the pill for 3 months first.


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  • I get really messed up bowels during my period with endo. And the barbed wire could definitely be from the endo spider webbing in your pelvis. Or possible endomitroma. If it is the endo pain, BC isn't going to make it go away. It will only help prevent future endo forming. I would push for your lap, or see a different specialist for a second opinion.


  • While you work out a solution for the lap, experiment with your diet by elimating gluten, dairy & soy. Limit red meat. And look up antinflamitory foods that will help settle things down. Inflammation is such a culprit to the endo pain.


  • Hi a good way to track down endo pain, is that if if is cyclical -whether back pain, pelvic pain or bowel pain then it is probably connected to endometriosis. My doctor said that to me and although I was diagnosed years ago it has helped me become aware of what may be endo symptoms- for me it is also, nausea, fatigue and other unpleasant things which are still cyclical but now by the pill. I hope you can push for further investigation and I agree with other post, get another refferal if you don't feel this gynae is listening.

  • Thanks all for your comments.

    I have had this pain for two years and all its done is get worse.

    I very much do doubt the gynie will put me for a laproscopy. She wanted me to be on the pill for 3 months, but I started off taking microgynon and that kept making me feel sick, so she suggested yasmin, which I've only been on for a about 6 weeks.

    I have my gynie appointment on Thursday I just hope she doesn't say to me well you r still getting flare ups and pain so it's nerve pain.

    And then I'm also scared if she suggests a laproscopy which I doubt she will that it will give me even more problems.

    Does anyone have two main pains like on there pubic bone (around that area), and then flare ups in stomach, groin and whole vagina area. Barb wire feeling.


  • I am sorry to hear it's just got worse. I understand endo can irritate nerves it is near and so can cause nerve pain too. If you are in UK can you ask for a refferal to a specialist centre?

    Yes I have pain that I can track down to the area that endo was removed from years ago, then sometimes get more general flare of pain like you describe along with bowel problems etc.

  • I will have to ask go to refer me. If the gynie does nothing with me and fobs me off on Thursday.

    Did you ever get any relief or feel better after surgery?

  • I had my surgery incidentally for something else and the endo was found and removed at same time, so it was hard to tell. But I did get several years relatively pain free in the area I know there was endo removed.

    Good luck with getting your referral, I have read there is some good information on 'lindle' members page on navigating systems of health in UK and how to get referred to specialist centre for good care when getting laproscopy.

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