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Migraines/Stomach Problems

Hello everyone,

Does anyone else seem to have this pattern happen? I seem to go like it sometimes once or twice a month, I have bad stomach problems, the feeling of a constant upset stomach and tummy ache and just feeling quite tired. Then I usually feel pretty sick on top of it and I get a sudden attack of a migraine and I've noticed once my stomach goes like that a bad headache soon appears that's unbearable and won't go until the next day. I've been quite dizzy and shaky lately too, I am waiting on my appointment at a bsge centre so hopefully this will all stop soon 😁 Xx

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Hi. Yes I had 30 years of feeling like that twice a month - upset tum and dizziness are symptoms of migraine which I always had since age 16 and I would get endo pain then awful migraine. I had times when I couldn't work at all. The Mirena coil plus mini pill helped a lot and my advice is to stop your periods as once mine were stopped I felt so much better. Know what you are going through and how you feel a never ending cycle of pain and feeling ill will never stop. Please see a good endo specialist and get some treatment. Sadly I couldn't take many treatments due to the migraine as they made it worse. You will find a treatment that suits you hang in there.


Thanks for you're reply. That's what I've found many treatments especially the injections just gave me migraines and they were even worse. I've really struggled with most treatments, I'm hoping once I have an MRI I'll have excision surgery as never have before. I have read how bowel problems can be related to migraines too because one always follows the other. It's definitely not much fun


Migraines are a symptom of endo. And I suffered awfully for years v similar to you.

I did find after hyster and both ovaries removed migraines were better but endo pain still a problem. HRT patches seem to help migraine too - but then don't seem to be great for endo (although no one can give me a straight answer about that!).

Good luck!


Yes, I have the same thing - which I've only just realised could be linked to the adeno and suspected endo (awaiting a lap at BSGE Centre). I didn't even think to mention this in my initial appointment.

There are such a myriad of symptoms!!

Like you, as soon as the tummy troubles start I know I'm in for a migraine attack...


I have migraines as well as endo, although I don't have the specific pattern you're describing. I didn't know they were related--if they are does anyone know how that works?

I'm taking progestin continually to stop my periods and that's helped a lot with endo pain, but sadly hasn't affected the migraines at all. Currently I have much more pain from migraines than abdominal pain. I wish I had a good solution for the pain and nausea. I take triptan medication when I'm having a bad migraine and it works, but it's not something to take on a daily basis because it can cause rebound headaches.

I hope you find treatment that helps you.


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