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Vaginal infection

Hi, hope evryone is feeling as good as we all can be before Christmas!

I am suffering from vaginal infection since I resumed sexual activity.

With a large nodule of Endo, it wan't possible before. The problem now is after sn intet course, I get bacterial vaginal infection. I have a mirina coil in and taking cerazzet, too.

Has anyone had same issue and if so, what cured the infection?

I've already taken a course of Matronghtzole? antibiotics but it came back... I don't want to take another antibiotics, really...

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I've sent you a message


What kind of infection? What is the name of it?


Bacterial infection. :(


Have you checked it is actually an infection and not inflammation or irritation. I have issues similar and always go to the loo right after and take anti histamines which seem to calm it down a bit.


Yes, I have bacterial infection.


If it's bacterial vaginosis then I suffered with this a lot when I had the coil, as soon as I had it removed I never got it again x you can get tubes of gel from the supermarket that restore the ph in the vagina and get rid of BV


Yes, bacterial infection.

So when you removed the coil, have you replace the treatment with other contraceptive? x


No I haven't personally but if I had to choose a contraception now then it would be the implant

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It should have a name this bacteria, and the doctor should give you something to prevent it, and to raise your immunity system not only antibiothic.


OK, I will have a test in a week time so hopefully it will be sorted.

Thank you, have a lovely Christmas! x


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