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Endometriosis and ecoli urine infection


I went into hospital on 28th march for really strong iv antibiotics as am allergic to most common antibiotics am feeling terrible tonight am constantly going for a wee and nearly wet myself twice am wondering if my infection has come back all my pelvic area is agony and so is my bladder :( I don't know weather to go hospital tonight or wait till the morning

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Call your surgery's emergency out of hours number. They will either arrange for an out of hours emergency appointment or advise you to go to hospital. A lot of people don't use this service but I did when ill and its a very good middle way between waiting or rushing straight to A&E. If in doubt don't wait and put yourself at risk. Take care and hope you feel better soon. Deb

I can't get up the hosp :( I duno if its a uti or just endometriosis pressing on my bladder my pelvis and hips are bloody killing me paracetamol is pants

Do get help asap - as 1st poster says the out of hours service is very good and if a doctor is called in then they can decide whether you need attention.If so you will be admitted straight to a ward and no waiting in A and E.

Sound like you still have a kidney infection -I had the same in December.As I thought all the pains were caused by an endo flare and had had a burst cyst,the UTI was not picked up for a whole month and I ended up really ill on iv antibiotics.Like you I am allergic or resistant to many.UTIs when they reach the kidneys are very hard to eradicate so you may well need another longer course -in total I had over a months worth of different antibiotics.Nitrofuritonion(?) was the one that eventually worked.

Please don't delay as it sound like you need antibiotics.Sending you a big hug and hope you get seen to soon.

Am allergic to penicillin, cefalexin and nitrofuritonion :/ I have some crazy new drug whats getting tested in the uk :/ am shaking now got a headache and lightheaded am going to try and sleep and see how I am in the morning, knowing my luck ill end up crippled in the night and end up in an ambulance! Hopefully I can get up my local hospital in the morning ive taken paracetamol and cyclazine xx

This really does sound like a 999 -don't wait a night.

Feel really worried for you.Sending you hugs and please get help soon.We all hate to make a fuss,butif you are really ill it is not a fuss.If anything you need better pain relief and to find whats causing this.

Sounds so horrible. NHS 111 can always provide advice of course and if in doubt or if you have a fever then you may be best calling an ambulance. Although I know how reluctant I would be to do that but then I am completely rubbish at asking for help from the medical profession. Total chicken. You do sound like you need help sooner rather later though. Wish I could help you in a more constructive way. Take great care. Deb

Hope you get some rest then but please call an ambulance sooner rather than later if you get any worse. Best wishes. Deb

Heyy guyss ive been up since half 4 ive been sick but am holding on till I can get the bus up the out of hours, I've had abit of sleep not much my pains still bad :(

Just wondering how you are?

Still crap but on antibiotics now fingers crossed they work

Hey nice t meet ya sammie robinson my names sammie robinson and at the moment I am currently in hosp trying to get rid of an ecoli kidney infection it started off in my urine and docs just kept giving me oral antibiotics I have had it for 6 wks now and nothing seems to be shifting it and ended up getting brought into hosp yesterday in absolute agony and had to be admitted. I would go straight to a&e I wouldn't delay ecoli when gets to your kidneys can cause problems and damage and that the last thing you need. Hope u get sorted asap

Am stuck for antibiotics now as am allergic to the ones witch normally get rid of if, my pelvis is killing, I keep shaking, I've got no temp or anything am just constantly needing the loo! Am not even sure if I have the infection back or its just an endometriosis flare up :/

It's got all the hallmarks of a kidney infection and you need to be at the hosp asap. Call a friend or relative to get you there as soon as poss. You won't be allergic to all anti-biotics, and even if you do have a bad reaction to them, they can still be worth having to save your life even if they do make you feel god awful in the process. Don't hang about - get to A&E. it is an emergency and will only get worse and possibly life threatening if left un-treated.

it can permanenty scar and damage your kidney(s), it can lead to sepsis which is blood poisoning which is life threatening. This happened to me with one of my bouts of kidney stones, and i had dialysis as part of the efforts to recover as well as a miserable stay in hosp being given all sorts of meds. My kidneys were really struggling that time and the infection spread so quickly. i was VERY unwell, but i survived and am here to tell the tale.

Do not hang about - get to medical help as soon as you possibly can.

Am going the hosp now I feel worse x

Sorry you are worse but very relieved you are getting help. Take care and let us know when you are better. Good luck. Deb

Will be dead busy wont it cba with the wait ill probably be sent round to A&E knowing my luck

Stick with it as frustrating as it can be, you need medical assistance!!!!!

Good luck xxx

sammy - do let us know how you got on or are getting on- when you can. I would hope you are in hosp right now - getting treatment, but am worried about you. Hope all goes well and you can update us .

Get Well SOON.

I've just got home guys on ciprofloxacin and antisickness been in the out of hours then A&E then on a ward I have to go back if I feel worse

I hope you start to feel better soon! X

Glad to hear you are home. i've had that drug a number of times and it has cleared up my kidneys most of the time. Every time i have kidney stones i get an infection - it's just the one time where it got so bad so fast that hospitalisation was necessary as the stone was blocking one kidney from working anyway - and the other fell victim to infection which got to my blood. most of the time kidney infections get caught early enough without too many extra complications. It is better to be in the comfort of home rather than on a ward - but do as they say - if it doesn't start to clear up the infection then pop right back.

And if you do sick up the pills then take a replacement dose. Hopefully you can manage to hold it down there, but don't be too surprised if the infection itself causes you to be sick - it often does in the first couple of days of doing battle with it but should settle as the antibiotics start winning the war.

Kidney infections are nasty and you won't forget it in a hurry.. Not the best way to spend your easter hols.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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