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Vaginal wall prolapse

Hi Ladies.

I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had a vaginal wall prolapse

I spike to the emergency Dr late last night, because I am still feeling pressure in my lady parts, I was trying to wee last night and it was taking ages to cone out I then wiped myself at it felt odd like something was there so I pushed at it and it moved right back to the right side, I could feel it wasn't my uterus because that was higher up, when I stand up its fine it's when I sit down is a problem.

Dr said it was ok to contact my usual Gp and to ask her to examine me as she was sure it is a vaginal wall prolapse.

Any advise would be great.

Thank you

Jo xx

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Hey mummy 1982, I have a vaginal wall prolapse along with a bladder and bowel prolapse, basically everything has fallen in on itself, standing and sitting are an absolute killer. I've had a pessary ring in for just over a year now which helps to an extent but I'm now pro lapsing around it!! I'm having surgery on Tuesday to repair the prolapses and to have sacro spinal fixation to fix the top of the vagina to the sacro spinous nerve to stop it falling down again ( I had a hysterectomy in 2007 when I was 29 and there's nothing to hold the vagina up). You have to be persistent with the drs as they keep trying to play it down....I was told by one doctor that it was perfectly normal to need to place a finger in the vagina and press down just so I could have a bowel movement.....ummm no I'm fairly certain it isn't!!

Make sure you get yourself to a doctor on Tuesday they'll soon be able to tell you if that's what it is

Take care, keep your feet up when sitting and avoid standing for long periods.


Oh hun.

Really sounds like you have had a bad time with all this. My mum told me about the finger in your vagina when you need a bowel movement I absolutely am not doing that I'm pretty sure that this is part of my bowel problem I have been having of late the only Way I can go is to make it liquid by taking laxido constantly. Was it you choice not to have the operation or have they made you wait? Xx


It's a really horrid thing to do every time you need a bowel movement so undignified but the only way I'm managing to go at the moment!! I had the prolapses for over a year before they diagnosed them and then I was passed from department to department before I had the pessary put in....the nurse who put it in told me that this would be how my life would be for the rest of my life...I cried alot!! My consultant finally agreed to do the op last November but they've dragged their heels at every opportunity and I've had to fight to get the date for Tuesday, it feels like because I'm only 36 they don't think it's a problem or as bad as I feel it is.....but it really is....it's had a huge impact on my life over the past couple of years but they've almost made me jump through hoops to get the help I need!!

My advice would be to push for the help you need with it and not let them brush over it, I shall just be glad when Tuesday gets here although I'm really starting to worry now :-(


Oh hun.

I'm really sorry to hear that you you have had such a awful time trying to get the help that you needed, I'm hoping that this will all go well for you on Tuesday.

I have adenomyosis so they are wanting me to have a hysterectomy I'm only 32 and it's exactly these things I'm worried about and it looks like it has started to happen already.

I have been having so many problems with my bowel I think the pushing could have caused it because I was always constipated.

I really hope I don't have to go through a whole other battle about this, I'm feeling worn down from everything I have going on already. I'm literally spending ages on the toilet now trying to have a wee.xx


Oh bless you it's horrible when you're trying to wee and can't.....I have to press on my bladder :-(

One bit of advice I would give is when they discuss your hysterectomy find out if they are going to leave your cervix in place....it's best that they do as this helps hold the top of the vagina up after the womb is removed!! Unbeknown to me during my hysterectomy she removed my cervix (first I knew of it was a letter from my gps to say I no longer needed to have a smear test) this has given me nothing but problems and caused the vagina to 'concertina' down as one doctor eloquently put it!!

Hope you're feeling a bit better today??



Oh no hun.

I'm ok thank you just trying not to think about it too much as there isn't much I can do about it at the moment.

That really is not good, that must have been awful to find out that they had removed it after surgery.

I have my post operation appointment on the 15th June so I will discuss all this with specialist thank you.

Thanks much I really hope everything goes well for you on Tuesday, let me know how it all goes for you.

Jo xx


Hi mummy 1982 did you manage to see your doctor this week??



No I didn't hun I have a appointment with her tomorrow evening, I couldn't get one before then with my own Dr and I didn't want to see anyone else as I don't trust them

How are you xx


Hi ladies,

I've read your posts with both interest, sympathy and horror :( I cannot believe how you have both been treated. Sadly though, this has also been my entire experience of the NHS.

I'm 32 and thankfully have two boys aged 11 & 12. But for years I suffered terribly with constipation/IBS, and every doctor I saw just laughed me out of the room. I now it was stage three endo eating away at my bowels. I was eventually diagnosed with endo five years ago, had a lap, and was "alright" for a while. Things started getting shit again about a year ago and my symptoms are very similar to yours: bladder pain, pain on urination, excruciating back pain, excruciating abdominal pain, constipation, unable to pee (I have to think really, really hard to go), bloating, gastro pain - the list goes on.

I had another lap with laser in March, and things were meant to get better, but they didn't. They diagnosed me with Adenomyosis at the same time, and when I came round from anaesthetic the gynae said to me that my uterus was "black and crusty and had to go". Now, against my good judgement, they're going to give me zoladex shots to force a chemical menopause and if it helps my symptoms, I'll get a hysterectomy at the end of it - lucky me.

The reason I posting is because I feel an empathy for both of you, we all have things in common. I'm literally terrified of both the zoladex shots and the hysterectomy. I'm scared of prolapses and the other side effects of hysterectomy. And I understand the bladder pain so much. It's the worst. I normally have to squish a hot water bottle in between my thighs and clamp and just lie there while the meds start working. I drink three litres of water a day! So it feels really unfair.

If you don't mind, I'm going to follow you both. I'm sympathetic and interested in how your journeys will unveil. And if you like, you could check in from time to time on mine. Along with the other brilliant women on here, we can support each other.

Sending love and good luck!

Emily x


Oh hun.

I'm really sorry to hear that you also have had inadequate treatment by the nhs.

It makes me so cross because like yourself I do all the right things I eat well, I'm slim, I exercise (when this isn't crippling me) I drink loads of water, and I have still been left with all this crap.

I am I the same situation I am going to try the injection for 3 months if I don't feel better then I will not be having the next one I will be having a hysterectomy in the hope it will end all my misery caused by this awful pain.

I have already had a prolapse of my vaginal wall which according to my Gp has probably been caused my my laparoscopy and the fact I'm always constipated and have to strain, and I'm waiting see when they are going to sort that.

Thanks for following I will follow you and keep in touch pm if you ever want to talk.

Good luck

Jo xx


It's good that you've got an appointment tomorrow night and with your gp, I hate having to see a different doctor because they never bother to look at your notes and want you to tell them what the problem is.

I'm not too good Hun, 5 days post op and very very sore and miserable :-( the sacro spinous fixation is so so painful and yesterday the first bowel movement was very very traumatic, I was inconsolable, I know it's early days :-(



Oh no hun thatt sounds reqlly painful, there was a lady that had that done and she said it was the most painful thing ever, I don't know if it will help but what about taking the 8 sachets of laxido which should make your bowel movement liquid.

Yes i had a bad experience last time with the emergency Dr before I got admitted to the hospital for 11 days, she told me I wasn't constipated and the pain Wass in my head?? About half an hour after leaving I fainted and got admitted in to the hospital for 11 days where they found I had a bowel blockage, I have actually made a complaint because had I gone home and not done anything god knows what would have happened.

I hope you feel better soon hun xx


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