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Endo appointment today next step mirena coil advise needed


Hi there, I had my next appointment today with my consultant, I made her aware that current treatment prostrap injections were not working my bleeding was irregular all over the place and constant pain. She has advised me to have the mirena cool via a minor op and has given me pain relief to try and help until this op.

Please can people advise me if the op is painful what to expect and also I would like to hear how people have got on with the coil currently at my wits end here.

Thank you :) xx

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I had mine inserted during a laparoscopy so I cannot comment on pain during insertion because I was under general anaesthetic. However after 4 months of constant spotting this has now stopped and I'm doing very well with it 👍🏻

I would say give it a try but it may be best to request a general anaesthetic if you are already in pain and discomfort because I'm aware insertion can be uncomfortable if you're conscious X

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Many thanks for your quick reply, it's positive to hear that it has helped and I'm pleased your doing really well.

I'm willing to give it a go I just wanted people opinions on it I will certainly ask to be under general anaesthetic now thank you xx

Hello. The op doesn't hurt at all. I had very heavy periods and had my second Mirena inserted under general anesthesia, during day surgery and was well enough to be back at work (a retail 'on your feet all day' job) the next day.

The first was inserted in a private clinic but I was given pessary to insert a couple of hours before to relax my cervix. Definitely helped and I was up and able to drive home afterwards. Yes there was some discomfort but no worse than light period pain.

Bear in mind the Mirena can take 4-6 months to ease your periods but be patient, it's worth it :)

Thank you for replying to me just trying to reassure myself it's going to be ok haha I sound a wimp I know but my consultant worried me when she said because you've not had children it will be harder to do and will hurt. So I'm just trying to get other people's opinions and first hand experiences on it all, ah definitely know it will take a while but I'm willing to trial and error anything needed to find my 'happy medium' it's good to know about work I work at a nursery in a pre school room so again on my feet all day so at least I know I will be ok xx

Ha! I hate when they bloody say stuff like because it puts you on edge unnecessarily.

You will be fine and your quality of life will be improved. Trust me 😉



I had mirena under a general anaesthetic during my lap and cystoscopy 2 weeks ago today. So far i am spotting every day but have no other side effects and no pain from the mirena.

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That's a big positive then I can cope with slight spotting just want to find something to 'help' for a substantial amount of time if you know what I mean xx

Are you having a hysterscopy at the same time? Because I never had children my consultant had a look with the camera first and decided my womb is too small to tolerate the coil. This is done under GA during my lap. So a the end I did not have the coil.

Best of luck

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